Calgary vs EE

I’ve noticed that also MadJack and don’t pay any attention to it anymore.

Maybe they have the new kid doing the depth chart. :lol:

NOW Edmonton needs to put together a drive. The defence is hanging in, but they're going to wear down if the offence can't keep them off the field.

No kidding MJ, for I gave up on getting current information on the depth chart, let alone who is actually on the game day roster, weeks ago. If anyone has a great link for as current information as is available for games, as is definitely not this site, shout it out please.

(At least we still have the old game tracker as is better now than it was last year)

Are we trying to emulate Winnipeg's offence?

As I've said earlier, I am really enjoying watching Edmonton's defence this season. . . but if I get to see too much of them, they're going to run out of gas by mid third quarter and then the roof will fall in.

Excellent field position. No more Bombers offence now.

Schiavone with nice technique (fieldgoal) narrows the gap; 10-6 Calgary

Crandell has some work to do at halftime. . .

Edmonton needs to work on its discipline. Far too many 13 men calls this season, a timecount last week at the end of the first half, nearly another timecount a minute ago. This is ridiculous. Get it under control!

Why are there no Stamp fans on tonight ?

Martianreaper is lurking about on here.

Here's a replay of Messam after going down on that run:

I said last week that the main reason Edmonton won was because the defence kept giving the offence excellent field position, and looking at the offence this week, it's pretty obvious that I was right. There's something up with the offence. They're having a heck of a time moving the ball.

:lol: :lol: That was ridiculous.

Nobody posting on the Ticat board. It's almost as bad over there as this game.

This one's going to Calgary. At least I'll get a pick right this week.

Oh my............................
Oh my my.......................

Did they just cal 13 men on Edmonton? :x :x :x

Yup... on the convert.

Lewis would have had the catch even without the tip I say; 17-6 Stampeders at the half. Adjustments needed for the Big EE if there is hope to win this match.