Calgary vs. BC

Gotta wonder who the Stamps want to host the western semi-final?

there in a bad spot
If they rest plyers it will be 2 weeks until next game
i can see them playing at least 3 quaters full bore.
i think they will try to win though give us 2nd spot and hope to play us in final
they did blow us out and BC are very hungry (dangerous)

Knowing the way Hugnaegel used to approach games when they played I don't think he will care who they play. They will be focused on the job at hand and be getting ready for the playoffs however he decides that needs to be done. With the exception of QB, the Riders will be back to having the team that went 6-0 to start the year so there is no way Calgary will take them lightly. And BC is indeed dangerous right now.

But, if I'm Calgary, I would want the game played in SK. Why? Because it is much tougher to play a cold weather game than in a dome and it is usually harder on the players. Anything that will help wear down my opponent is a good thing.

The Stamps fear us, they Know we are back on top of our game. The Stamps will do whatever possible too take home field advantage away from the Riders......yes........even throw the B.C game

Calgary would much rather play the climatized to dome life B.C Lions Nov.15 in Calgary then play the tough as nails Taylor field Riders and their rabid fans......WOOF WOOF...........

I wouldn't say any other team fears the Riders...respect, yes...

You might see the Calgary starters play for a quarter or maybe the 1st half to keep them sharp, then they could put in the 2nd stringers. Lets not get into a debate about "throwing" a game, there is enough of that on the main board. If the Riders were in the same position, they would have the right to play their starters and then rest them in the later stages of the game.

I rarely visit the main board, besides it was only a weak attempt at sarcasm on my part. Bottom line remains the same though, Calgary would prefer playing BC on the 15th of Nov…sarcasm off…GO GREEN

Good point...better for your competition to get beat up in the cold, than the warm confines of a dome stadium.

I think Calgary has to go for the win. Do you want to let BC lay a beating on you when there is a chance you might see them two weeks later? Confidence and momentum go a long way. Calgary will show up to play at least until they can afford to rest some players later in the game if they have the lead.

I think they also want to take first place outright. Not tied with potentially two teams. Yes I realize they get first place no matter what. I think winning the west outright will be some motivation to go for the win.

As much as I want Calgary to care for this game, it's not as easier for them to get up and play hard in this game as it is for BC.

Calgary already knows they will play the winner of BC and Sask. They don't care if it is played outdoors or indoors. The winning team still has to come into Calgary to play them.

What they will care about though is making statement. If they sit there starters to soon and get pounded it will give BC confidence. With a 42 man roster realistically you can really sit 4 or 5 starters. Therefore you are still playing the bulk of the team which would give BC confidence if they are there two weeks later. As what it shows is knock out 2 or maybe 3 of there starters and Calgary will fold like a deck of cards. They don't want to give BC that message.

I see Calgary playing hard for 3 quarters and then start resting some of their starters. The question will be BC, if Sask wins, then BC has to play hard. If Sask loses then BC has 2nd and play there non starters.

Calgary does not want to play us in the play offs anywhere. It will be hard to tell who is the home team in the Western Final if the Rider's play there. Having said that I do not believe Calgary will play any different against BC and must play at a high level in order to carry that momentum into the playoffs.

They finally put out odds for the game, and put BC as 2 point favorites. The line moved pretty quickly to 4 point favorites.

They figure with something to play for, the Lions will come out on top.