Calgary vs BC - Western Final Preview?

Despite the fact that most feel that Riders and their fans might as well make plans to be in Calgary on November 17, don't count out the Lions yet. There are several reasons why B.C. may just be the spoilers. In mon particular order, here are some thoughts about why the Lions may come out on top.

Opponent - As strange as it may seem, the Riders will likely face stronger opposition next week that the Lions. The Eskimos will be going to Mosaic with a chip on their shoulders and something to prove. They are not likely to take it easy on the Riders. The Lions on the other hand will be facing the Stamps in what amounts to not much more than an exhibition game and both teams will be of that mindset. Riders are likely to be the most beat up of the two teams on Nov. 10.

Weather - Weather will not be a factor in this weeks game in Vancouver. It could be a defferent story in Regina and injuries occur more ofter in the cold. Keep an eye on the thermometer.

Momentum - Lions are coming off what was probably their best and most cohesive game yet, whereas the Riders look like a team with questionable chemistry, particularly on offense. Sometimes teams thrive on conflict but don't bet on it. The Riders have been on a roller coaster of cohesiveness since the legal issues several weeks back.

Over-confidence - Despite having to play in the Western Semi, the Riders and their fans appear to be looking beyond the Lions and if that bears out, there will be sniffles at Piffles on Nov. 10.

Looking forward to the game on Nov. 10. I for one won't be looking at what the Stamps will face until that evening.

Actually I'm hoping to keep my eyes on the game. I once tried to keep my eyes on the thermometer but it was liking watching paint dry. :wink:

Agree 100% on the momentum thing, not sure I wouldn't want to play the Riders on the 17th instead of a Lions team that suddenly believes they can win.

"Sniffles at Piffles" I wish I had said that. :thup:

Not a lot different than watching the Rider O the last couple months.

Ouch Taleback. That was rich. I do hope there are not too many Rider fans that saw that post.