Calgary vs B.C.- the game of all games!

Some have wondered if Calgary will be sitting back a little tomorrow night just to make sure they're healthy going into the playoffs. Not a chance! A win in Calgary tomorrow and Calgary takes top spot in the west, and a bye into the western finals with home field advantage.

It's possible for Saskatchewan to beat out Calgary for top spot. To do that the Roughies will need to win their 3 remaining games. Is that likely? Hmmm.... well they do play Edmonton twice and the Lions again. And we all know how formidable these teams are. Hehehee..... Calgary will meet up with Hamilton which is no slouch. Hamilton doesn't want to give up home field advantage to Toronto so Calgary just might bite the bullet against the Ti-Cats. This makes tomorrow's meeting with Calgary all the more interesting. B.C. is still in the running for a playoff spot so I do hope they'll be playing like they are possessed! But the likelihood of Calgary dropping all 3 of its remaining games is as likely as the city of Calgary not getting any more snow this year.

B.C. meets Calgary tomorrow night and finishes off the season with a meeting against Hamilton and Saskatchewan. You gotta love B.C.'s chances of picking up 6 more points in the standings and finishing off a dismal season no worse than last year! lol Ahhhh....6 points. The Lions just need to get past Durant, Burris and that crazed revitalized team from Hamilton. Can they do it? Sure they can! I really believe they can. I do, I do, I do believe it. I'll be happy if the Lions can close out the season with at least one more win at home. After all it will just be 8 short months before the Lions and fans get to meet at Empire Field for another season [or part ] of nostalgia.

B.C. must win this game to make the playoffs and I hope they do, sending all those Calgary fans home crying to that Happy Trails song that they play there at the end of the game. :lol:

Another interesting thing this weekend: B.C. fans cheering on the Roughriders and Sask fans cheering on the Lions! :wink:
Who would have thunk! :roll:

I will never cheer for the Riders, that is a sign of the apocolypse.

the game of all games??
the game of all games???

hehehoohoohahahoho....ouch my aching gut :lol:

Yep...THE game of all games! With what is on the line for Calgary, they will show no mercy. I was going to call it the "mother of all games" but somehow that just seem to conjure up the right picture. lol

I figure the Lions will stay close to Calgary....... for "awhile"................. and then the flood gates are going to open up. This may be the blow-outs of blow-outs. Of course...the Lions could surprise us. :wink:

Oh they'll surprise us. they arn't boring like a few years ago churning out win after win. nowadays you got to tune in to see what those mothers are up to. good , bad, whatever . . .

Greatmysticbushape, I find you hillarious sometimes. A bit of an oddball for sure but quite funny- the kind of guy only a "mother" could love. lol Enjoy the game tonight. The Lions just might pull if off. Stranger things have happened. I just hope Calgary doesn't embarrass the Lions. Now.....the other way around wouldn't be so bad. Hehehehe.....

GO LIONS GO !!!..........and make Calgary work for every point they get.... make em' pay! :twisted:

Hound - that ship has sailed. Keep the Faith.