Calgary uniforms need a facelift

And each player should " have his colours done" If it's not condusive to the team uniform then trade the sucker😂 Actually I like the uniforms for all CFL teams except those throw backs from the 30sb with the multi horizontal stripes.. I was pleased when Bombers returned to the classic look. Just my opinion.

its no good if Flutie didnt wear it :slight_smile:

I could live with those uniforms of old but the players sporting ultra curly and/ or slicked back and Bay Rum soaked hair do's !

Yep those Calgary Cowboys landing in T.O. in 48 put the Cup on the map with their 10 gallon Hats and Hudson Bay coats. Now we seem to be trying to emulate the Super Bowl with glitz and half time shows that have nothing to do with football as did the old Cheerleaders antics. Ah but time moves on and i'm stuck in the past.. actually it's a rather nice place to be.

This one is just plain - UGLY! And so is the existing one. The next thing we will see is a dragon on the shoulders. Come on can do better! Someone with a little imagination come forward please.
WE don't need prison uniforms nor do we need anything that is of the 25th century. How about our uniforms from the 90's. Seems to me that Ottawa has copied the Flames and the Stamps. Why is there no surprise there? That's why we need to come up with something that is unique and original. Different than anybody else.

I won't be happy until the Stamps have Ohio State replica uniforms