Calgary uniforms need a facelift


Agreed. Red helmets are Calgary’s identity, and as you mention looks great to boot!

Switching to black was a ridiculously stupid move.

Could this mean a return to just red and white?


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...maybe, might be nice to switch up to something KC made its run to the Super Bowl I often looked at their unis and thought ‘you know, the stamps could pull that off’...just red and white and a small trim accent, maybe black, not yellow, but just a thin line around the numbers or something...mainly just red and white, own it....


Yuck to Ohio State or anything parroting an American uniform.

I really like the Stampeders' new retro jerseys this year though:

I'll buy one.


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[quote="Balticfox, post:27, topic:63113"]
...Yuck to Ohio State or anything parroting an American uniform.I really like the Stampeders' new retro jerseys this year though:I'll buy one.

It does look good .

But I

Kinda like the stripes coming over the entire shoulder like this fans perspective . Maybe have to see it in person first or on TV .

It looks more polished than the new era designed one .

You can blame Ottawa on that, and they did the same thing in the NHL.
No we have the best uniforms without question. I would like however to see them go back to black and red and the labor day game helments. Those are the coolest in the league. I don't want even think or contemplate copying any American version at any level. We are who we are and that 's a team that is unique!

Now I see what your saying ha ha :-). The jailstripes? Their putrid - ugly! OMG....send them to some high school somewhere. The striped look is insidious!

I read somewhere that Saskatchewan Roughriders originally had red, white and black uniforms, similar to Ottawa Rough Riders colours.

They switched to green & white because they got a deal on a new set of uniforms that were those colours.



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No originally they wore Purple + Gold
They also wore Blue + White
Then Red + Black

I agree with adding Black to the Stamps modern unis was an annoying trend
Too many teams in too many leagues did this

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Yeah, when the Cats wear their all-black uniforms, they look like Team Wraith from Harry Potter.

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So are the Stamps going to stick with the throwback uniforms they wore last year, or will new ones be introduced when the regular season begins?

Anything but the black ones. (Helmets included).

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Best ones. Makes SMU jealous

That sure is a funny tattoo :wink:

Looks kinda like Ole Miss

The Stampeders' current jerseys are actually a homage to the 1948 jerseys in which the Stampeders won their first Grey Cup:

That was also the year that Stampeders' fans introduced hoopla into the Grey Cup and turned the Grey Cup Game into an annual festival that became part of our national fabric.

And I'm really, really glad black is gone from the Stamps' new uniforms.


The black and white picture looks like the Three Stooges using stunt doubles

Back in the 1940's players didn't find it necessary to look like fashion models.