Calgary uniforms need a facelift

Put a black horsey on an Ohio State replica uniform.

Current uniforms are terrible. There’s only 9 teams in the league and yet we have Calgary and Ottawa looking virtually the same.

That’s all I got.

Just lose the black, except to highlight numbers and lettering. Basic red and white otherwise.

Like this? Lots of black removed.

On the other hand … If two teams look similar, ask the one that’s only 4 years old to change their uniform, and leave the one with over 70 years of heritage alone.

…exactly, Ottawa should go with basic white and shades of dusty rose with mauve highlights…

You’re a hoot RedandWhite, like your humour ;D

Coin toss to see who has to change?

Ottawa Redblacks = Ottawa Rough Riders = Ottawa Renegades
It’s not 4 years.

Calgary s/b red & white with black trim, red helmets.
Ottawa s/b Black & red (ore red & black) with black helmets. Different shades of red; scarlet for Calgary, a darker shade, what used to be called CPR red on the prairies) for Ottawa. Easy fix.

…fair enough, head or tails Calgary wins, lands on edge Ottawa wins…

you might have a point if stampeder uniforms had been the same over those 70 yrs. Teams keep changing their look too often for my liking. Just wait a couple years, then they will not be so much the same

The unis and logo are fine the way they are, there is no need to change it. I thought the Stamps had the best 3rd jerseys when all the teams wore them a couple of years back.


I hated the addition of black to the Stamps’ uniform circa 1990. It was such a trendy, and therefore annoying, thing to do.


I loathe watching when the two Red & Black teams play each other and both sporting black helmets. I suppose nothing will change until the Stamps start losing and miss the playoffs… that is often the catalyst required for a major remake of these now truly dreadful duds.

Eskimos fan here…

I think Calgary’s red jerseys and helmets look great. They are unique and just straight-up look nice. They should stick with those.

The black ones are so dull and generic-looking.

Agree 100%. The Stamps were always just red and white for most of their history, and should ditch the black.

Aren’t they owned by the Flames? Good luck. They don’t seem to understand everyone likes retro.

The Calgary Flames should go back to their original red, yellow and white uniforms.