Calgary @ Toronto (Kick for a Million!)

So what's the line on this game, Calgary by 15? Or is it on if the kick for a million guy outscores the Argos?

Most Argo games have been snoozers this year, I hope they put up a fight in this one.

...apparently a few players on the stamps side of the ball have the flu...

Argos are usually good for a fight… they should be able to outscore the kick for a million guy, by a bit

now if it were Saskatchewan and their 9 points in the last 3 games…

I hope Toronto wins, however unlikely it may be lol. Do the argos crack 20,000 tonight?

sure. they will go out and crack 20,000 people on their heads and plop them in stadium seats. Sometime during the 3rd quarter, they will wake up, realize where they are, and run screaming out of the stadium

I predict the kicker won't get anything beyond 30 yards.

I am leaving shortly for the game at the crap dome.
I predict the Kick fo M guy won't get 2o yards in distance.
My Argos will lose a close one and there won't be more than 15K in actual attendance, but announced with tickets sold at 19K.

I have a feeling this game will actually be close, although Calgary ends up winning.
Hopefully it's an entertaining game at least, but I won't have my hopes up.

Go Stamps!

I think it's safe to say Reynolds is done in Calgary!

Cornish is the best Canadian back IMO! I think he is better then Messam! One of the best back in the league!

That’s obvious, like saying Calvillo is better than Lemon!

Many people in a vote, can't remember or, but many voted Messam better then Cornish. I have been scarred of this guy since he got into this league! Everytime he touches the ball I get a little scarred when it's against the riders.

They're idiots, or Eskimos fan... One within the same! :wink: I kid

Messam is 4th in rushing, but yeah if Calgary goes with an all Canadian backfield and start with Cornish they'll be scary.
Cornish is an elite back - be it import or non-import. On a related note, it's great to see plenty of young elite NI running backs stepping into the league (Cornish, Messam and Andrew Harris).

What's with the crowd in Toronto? This is bad even for Toronto standards...

Wow, forum was down for a long time... Why do they always pick guys who can't kick? Like I'm not saying I would do better under pressure but come on. Tate is looking GREAT! I think Calgary is going to come back, Toronto doesn't look good now.

That break was so gross!! Hopefully he has a quick recovery!

Ya bad kicker, haha

And Burris' days are coming to an end soon!

Burris may be Ottawa's QB when the time comes, he may retire before then if the Stamps part ways with him though!

Wow Cope, need to catch that, or at least not tip it up to be intercepted! :thdn:

Wow Cope, need to catch that, or at least not tip it up to be intercepted! :thdn: