Calgary @ Toronto @ Hamilton?

So I guess the Calgary at Toronto game scheduled for this Saturday October 17th will be played at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton.

Congratulations to the Blue Jays in getting to the next round of the AL Finals, so the Argo's will invade Hamilton on Saturday to take up a temporary home field.

Don't worry too much Ti-Cat fans I hear they plan to power wash the stadium afterwards.


Here's the official word from the Argo's on Saturday's game at THF.

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Was considering going since you could obviously get great seats....but 2 x $32 tickets turned into $84 after taxes and service charges....for an extra $20 in fees to go to a chilly afternoon Argo game, no thanks.

I'll guess I'll wait for the All Access give away which I would guess they will give everyone tickets..why wouldn't they?

I still may head down to support the league...that is the true spirit of the CFL! Anyone who has been to a Grey Cup event gets that!

I ended up getting free tix for the game as a All Access member. Guess I was one of the lucky ones :roll:

good for you...what section, row?

Now that the KC Royals won, they are the top seed in the AL. The October 17th game will now be played in KC and the Jays will play at home on October 19th which doesn't present any conflict with the Argos. But ads are in the papers and tickets have been sold for the October 17th game at THF, so I don't know what's going to happen.
It has always been said that it takes 48 hours to switch the Dome from football to baseball, or back again, and looking at the two schedules even if the Jays go all the way, there are no conflicts between MLB and the CFL, even if there is a 48 hour turnover time.

section 214 row 8 seat 23 & 24

Had the Royals not won, then the Jays would have been hosting games 1 and 2 in Toronto Friday and Saturday. Jays dropped one too many games at the end of the season to have the extra home game in this upcoming series. It could be that there are no longer going to be conflicts but as long as there was the possibility of one, alternate plans had to be made for the Argos games.

48 hours to switch the Rogers Centre from Baseball to Football no way would Rogers do that with the Jay's winning yesterday, even if going to KC, they might not have switched if they lost?

Argo's will play in Hamilton on Saturday, good to get out and support the CFL, great if you get some free tickets. A big weekend coming up for CFL football on Sunday when the Ti-Cats head to Montreal.

The past few games that Calgary have played have all been close win or lose so the game this Saturday against the Argo's could a tough test for both teams.


I’ll save the $20. FEE as well from Ticketslave and get walkup tics on Saturday at THF,called the Ti-Cat office just in case they might have some tickets for sale ,no luck.

I agree,this is a great opportunity to see live CFL Football in our neighbourhood !

My FREE tickets just arrived in a morning e-mail!!!!
Sec112 , Upper Section over lower areas that are for sale on Ticketmaster.

Rogers had already said they will not be tearing down the baseball configuration and setting up a CFL field in the middle of the MLB playoffs and World Series. That leaves the Nov 6th as the final game for the Argos. Is it worth going back to the RC for a game against the Bombers?
If the Argos host a playoff game they should play it in Hamilton or Ottawa, just forget about going back to the RC for this season.

Blue Jays and Argos play at the same time, 4pm Saturday.

Look for an abysmal attendance Saturday at THF. :cry:

It was going to be abysmal regardless, with the time of the two games the same , it now will just will be a little more abysmal. Less then 5000 would be my guess

Having 0 interest in the Jays, and getting comps for this game, I'm looking forward to booing everyone on the field

Oskee Wee Wee!

I got 213 row 4

. blah i'll have to lower my standards to sit on the east side.

but seeing how the stadium will be MT I can sneak over to my seats..

edit: 213 is westside. sweet!

You're right. Even though there are no conflicts between the Argos and the Blue Jays, it hardly makes financial sense for Rogers to bother letting the Argos and their fans back into the RC. If the Blue Jays do go all the way, they will have given Rogers a huge gift; eleven home games with 50,000 fans paying incredibly high prices and the TV money that goes along with all the home and away games. Some people say that Rogers treats the Argos and their fans poorly, but 4 or 5 football games with 15,000 paying customers isn't much of a boost to Rogers profits.

Best post yet!! :thup:

Agree!!on both counts

This is a chance to see two good teams in a great Football stadium in a great city !
One of these teams is on a roll and the other Pees me off on a regular basis on the last play of many important Football games!!!

Regardless “GO STAMPS!!” …sorta
(have a fair Jays interest OK,but this game is a potential great one & live ,thank you very much JAYS)

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 2m2 minutes ago
Expect the #Argos to announce today that Oct. 23 vs. #Alouettes will be played at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton