Calgary too cocky!

I said to the folks I was watching the game with when Calgary came out of the tunnel and the first four or five players were more interested in posing and mugging for the cameras that this was a team that was not ready for prime time. sorry but save the showboating for after the game, not before it.

That is the history of the Stampeders! They are always individuals and not team players, hence Nick Lewis on that team and that crap comment he made JUST to get his name in the news.

Like Cornish saying in week 3 or 4 i was his o-lines fault he played bad


Lewis with his tweets

you don't win cups with those guys as "leaders:, it looked like it rubbed of on mcdaniel too

I agree with starbucks thoughts, at least with the recent Stamp teams.

If I recall correctly there were at least 2 stamp players that walked out of the ramp like football players should. But ya I was shaking my head at the others.

IMO that wasn't the problem with the stamps yesterday. The problem started earlier in the week when it was said that the stamp players wanted to do it for KG. :roll:

???HUH??? you want to do it for KG? Oy :roll: They should have been doing it for the team, for the city, for the province, for themselves, for each other for anything but never for an individual player in a team sport.

Does not anyone think it adds unneeded pressure to the most important position on the field.

In the morning a friend messaged me, I said the grey cup is today, next I said Toronto is gonna win because the Stamps players said they wanted to win it for KG. I was right, but then again it was a 50/50 chance I guess.

I can't stand Nik Lewis, but I fail to see how being cocky has anything to do with winning and losing. Lewis has a Cup ring already (2008), and some of the league's best have been arrogant sobs (Don Matthews springs immediately to mind).

To me it's a matter of attitude, the first several guys who ran onto the field looked like they put more thought into their pose than the game. I don't have a problem with attitude if you back it up which Nik Lewis for instance has always done. It is when you don't back it up that you look like a fool.

But doesn't that just mean that attitude is beside the point? Grandstand or don't, in the end the best team wins. It's not like NOT grandstanding guarantees victory. Plenty of players are humble and don't swagger around, but also don't win. Doug Brown was a model citizen in the CFL but never got his Grey Cup ring.

I don't disagree, just saying that I said when I saw it, it was a sign for me that these guys thought they had this game in the bag and I still say, you don't bring that to the biggest game of your life. To me they are saying, "look at me". What can I say, I'm old and I don't like it. If you back it up fine, if you don't you have old phartz throwing it back at you. There is a reason that the most successful team in Professional sport does not even allow names on the back of the uniforms. Doesn't mean they win every year, but they win or lose as a team. Showboating and posing like that tends to deflect the team focus to an I'm special focus.

Just my opinion but it is one that I voiced in real time and reflected back on it.

VofR and D&P,

You both make valid points. In my opinion, a little "attitude" is not a bad thing. Muhammed Ali was a bit of a showman and was able to back it. Some think he carried it to far.

Showing some attitude is part of the game but it also has to be tempered. Too much and it becomes arrogance and can show a lack of respect for the opponent. It's like rubbing it into the opponent's face before the game even begins. This could backfire.

Too much attitude and one can lose that inner focus and actually take a potential victory as inevitable. Big mistake. I was very competitive in my younger years. The guys that whipped me the worst were the one's I took for granted. I knew I was better. I knew I could beat them. I forgot about my own vulnerability. Not smart.

As a team player, if you have too much attitude then you are thinking less about your team mates and more about yourself. That is a mistake some players make more than others. Not having [showing?] doesn't mean one will necessarily win. Having too much attitude could affect the way a player plays. Can one play too intense? I believe so. This is why players are told to "relax a bit, loosen up. You're trying too hard to make it happen." If one's attitude is not tempered, the player ends up in overkill mode and is trying to prove something rather than contribute to the bigger picture.

Good points Beagle, I think that it wasnt' so much the attitude that I had a problem with, I like attitude. It was the nature of the posing. You quite often see guys trying to pump up the crowd or their team mates and I don't have any problem with that. Yesterday was different IMO. Charleton Hughes was making like he was riding in on a horse, other guys were posing like Hulk Hogan. It was like they were mocking the whole thing.

I guess it was more how they were showboating not that they were showboating.

" It was like they were mocking the whole thing."…by VoiceofReason

And that’s where I think they need to learn where to draw the line otherwise the sport of CFL “professional” football becomes a gong show. There still has to be a certain level of acceptable decorum. Sure the guys are hyped up and they know they are in the most important game of the season. They also know millions will be watching. They are “stars” in their own right but they would be smart to keep things in perspective because you just never know when the party is over. Enjoy the ride but don’t flaunt it to the point that it becomes rude. No one appreciates conceit. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame but realize it may only be 15 minutes.