Calgary takes 3 hits...

#Calstampeders Marquay McDaniel, Demonte' Bolden and Micah Johnson all OUT for Western Final
That was a costly game.


Kent Austin has the right attitude. If you aren't 100% you rest, if you are 100% and a starter, half a game if it's meaningless.

Calgary has faced injury problems all year and keeps coming back stronger. To parphrase George W. Bush, "What doesn't kill you, can't kill you twice".

having the best Coach in the league does that to you, Huf already has my vote. :cowboy:

...I don't think your comment Hammer is a clandestine shot at Hufnagel, but for the record I believe all three were injured in the first half...

I'm wondering how significant the loss of BOTH Bolden and Johnson will be to Calgary's D line. This may have just opened the door enough for either SSK's Sheets or the Lions' Logan and Harris. It will be interesting. Of course this will not affect Cornish who has played awesome this year.