Calgary support

Should we be concerned about the support the CFL now gets in Calgary. Is the popularity of the Stamps and CFL droping in Calgary, or is it about the same as its always been in the last 5 years or so

...same as the last 5 I'd say, trading Burris and propelling Tate to #1 might actually increase ticket sales next year who knows?

Now that Toronto has extended Jyles, I'm not so sure we should expect a trade for Burris. We know that he wants to be a starter and I don't see any immediate opportunities - unless Hamilton decides to move on from Kevin Glenn.

I do agree that a majority of Stamps fans would like to see Tate remain the starter.

Unless Jyles got some major signing bonuses, being signed to a CFL team just means you report to training camp and see what happens. CFL teams rarely turn down available competition for a position unless they are absolutely set with their starters.

I like Tate and think he will be ok with Cornish in the backfield along with the receiving core. The O-line, I think, will be better this year as well. It will be interesting with a new DC though.

The o-line will be in question. like i said with Burris last year, hopefully tate can roll out of the pocket and throw. Tim Oneil is gone.

I am concerend about stampeders support. even the Labour day classic was down a bit in attendance. hopefully with the comming of age of Tate and Cornish a few more butts in the stands might show up. Also with the aussi kicker, might generate some interest.

Was at today’s Labour Day Classic. Very good atmosphere, i do remember going years ago where the game used to be a sellout. Today’s crowd 32,000!!! Still very good crowd but I would of assumed this game would of been a sellout!!!

I'm a season ticket holder (share three seats with two friends) unfortunately, I also work out of town, so if games fall on days I'm working ... my seat may be empty (unless my friends can fill it with one of their friends).