Calgary sucks

The stamps suck and always will. the esks are gonna trash the saddledome they time we are there. they got lucky the last time. calgary wont even make the playoffs I think this yaer they will be doing a new dance it called The Cowpoke Choke

Actually the Stamps play at McMahon stadium, the Flames play at the saddledome. If you're going to bash a team at least get things like this straight.

O.K. thats just what you think...If you're pro edmonton go to the esks forum :?

.....those pesky daypasses being issued again at the Edmonton Mental Health Facility....what an ignoramus.....can't even get his stadiums straight......

Maybe he has an inside scoop that the Eskimos really are planning on trashing the Saddledome on their next trip?

Do you ever notice the same pattern.... get a password / name / and trash a forum,all in one day. The Eskimos and Lions forum each picked up one of these morons, now you guys got one. Didn't realize they let the Kindergarten students on the internet so early in school.

hey i thought i was the hated eskimo fan :frowning:, have i not been stupid enough lol

Is this your little brother come on tell us the truth. Either that or it is your brother in the slammer!

There are many hated Eskimon fans!!!!

.........maybe I was blind but I went back and reread the shmoes quote (above)'s not as bad as I thought.....

.....excellent..... overstepping my mod enforcement rules I guess I'd have to turn in my gun and badge sarge if asked.......

IMO - all in good fun.

Speaking of enforcement, I heard his Kindergarted teacher sent him to the cloak room.

Wow Redandwhite you are right! We need to send him a Stamps jersey! I guess I need to read slower!

I'm really tired of the few idiot fans each team has that have a primary goal of pis**** other fans off. Guess this is edmontons. :frowning:

Every village has an idiot.

Cheer up…we can tell the difference between the good and the stupid!

Sportsmen: You have never answered me, What is with the kindergarten fetish that you have? Everytime someone trashes a team they are automatically ina kindergarten class.

Well guess what Calgary does suck. They are even bigger band wagon jumpers then BC fans. The city to the North supports their teams through thick and thin. Not just when they win. Although we have had a lot more success to cheer about then every other sports city in Western Canada.


Well Eskimo fans where do you want to file this guy! Is he not a classic! Jealous and classic 3rd grade. The problem is he has been in the third grade for 15 years. He states it is becuase the teacher likes him.