Calgary Stampeders

Calgary loses again, Could this be a trend?


Trend ends next week. No way Riders take two in a row from us at home.

It will definately be a exciting game. Maybe stamp receivers will catch something and help Burris out a bit.

We can always pray.

.....I missed the game pretty much, last five minutes or so........the Sask D looked pretty pumped up at the end there....can anyone fill me in on how it went?.....

Being prefect again for a 2nd time, I think it will be hard for the Riders to beat Calgary on their home grounds, cuz Calgary will find their rhythm again, but still, anytime can happen in the West now.

Calgary is off to a slow and disappointing start this season.

CONGRATS , man :thup:

No kidding Kanga, the Tabbies are better..

.......long season hank.....

The Cats sux, but that is no surprise after the moves they made during the off season and last few weeks (cut PETERSON FOR GOD SAKE!!!). Hopefully, for the East CO sake, they will do better in the 2nd half of the season.

I expect Calgary to turn it around and finish first in the west before the season is out as well.

and thank you everyone!

RedandWhite - We did everything in our power to lose the game. Reynolds was fantastic as always, but Sask moved the ball at will, we took stupid penalties to avoid scoring opportunities and dropped every long pass attempted. It was utterly devestating to watch. Consider yourself lucky. Oh yeah, forgot to mention we fell for every trick play Sask tried.. and allowed FIVE sacks. FIVE! You'd think friggin' Reggie White was out there.

.......ouch, sounds like a good one to miss.....

Sorry but I do not agree! The Stamps got out played!

I was out in Canmore up to the end of the first quarter! So I missed the first quarter. The highlight for the Stamps was Lil Nate sitting on his backside from the Comesky hit! Other then that it was not pretty for the Stamps. Well there is a good thing happening here and that is the Stadium in Calgary will be packed for the next game and hopefully the good guys will turn it around! I do not know which poster it was but when RAmob and Burris had that fight on the side line I get the feeling the receivers just may be still ticked at Burris. Tonight several passes right into the hands of the receivers and they dropped the ball. Do not know but it could be it seems the offense has gon absent since then. :lol:

Damn right they got outplayed.. that's what I was trying to say. I don't mean that Sask didn't show up or anything, just that Calgary suqued terribly. Note that I did say Sask moved the ball at will - that's me shouting out to what they did well.

Nate Davis, smoked n laying on the field like a huge pile of crap...priceless

Hahaha i loved it.

Copeland dropped those 2 RIGHT in his hands , back to back plays. Brutal. Those 2 dropped passes just seemed to deflate the offence.

Yup, Burris is getting the ball to the receivers the majority of the time, they just arent making plays.

....are Stamps over-rated????? ...sure looked that way last night.. ...example..Henry delivers the ball right into Copelands' hands twice....and he drops it....he's beginning to look like Inclompetersen of the Cats'....sure they're missing Clark and maybe Rambo....but heh good teams can play through the hurts...i guess the cowboys are lacking the depth....Congratulations to the Riders though...they played a solid game...still can't believe that Dominguez t.d. when he plucked it millimeters from the ground...who does he think he is Stegall...nice catch..Stamps are beginning to resemble the other team out of Alberta.......Ned Flanders better shake things lol..

…glad my team made your weekend gleeful papa, rw05’ll be sure to return the sentiment when the bubble bursts on the BBs…