Calgary Stampeders

With the season half finished I have to say that the Calgary Stampeders are looking more and more like the team that will put the late season charge on the Esks for second in the west. Higgins and co have really turned it up a notch in the last 4 weeks.

The D is back to where they were last season, creating havoc and turnovers. Scott Coe is a monster at linebacker. The offense is starting to click now with Burris getting comfortable with Lewis and Copeland. I'm guessing a lot of Rider fans would be happier with him instead of Nealon right about now (even though many of them devoted a lot of effort towards convincing us that they hated him).

While the Lions may be the team to beat in the west, the Stampeders are definitely the team to watch!


yes, the stamps are the favorite to take 3rd place in the west.... and possibly upset edmonton in the first round.

Thanks toe that was nice of you.

The Stamps have as good a shot to go to the Grey Cup as the Leos and Eskimos. I said prior to pre-season that Burris would change their fortunes immediately. I know Higgins and crew are also a big plus, but I've always been a Burris fan and for good reason. The man has loads of talent and keeps getting better.

Oh by the way...go Leos! :smiley:

Thanks Toe, But those pesky Eskies always play their best game against the Stamps. One thing though even with the injuries on defense it looks like they have not lost to much in the way they play. Yes, Maxie is out and that brings the pass rush down but the guys filling in are taking up the challenge.
Again injuries do not matter as long as your 2nd stringers can step it up a notch. Last game the two offense and defense played well but the special teams sucked. So they just have to work at a full package where all are playing well then I would say yes they have a chance.

I am picking THE STAMPS to win this week.

Do you all really think Higgins is the reason for a turn around???
Did you not see the complete Moron he is here in Edmonton?
I guess you'll have to wait until it is a big game to find out why he got canned here. I'll let you know what to look for....... perhaps its 3rd and 21...... on your own ohhhhh lets say 37 yard line. Did I mention this was a grey cup game? Hmmmm what play should we call. TRY PUNTING. Nope lets run a weak side slant. Maybe we can fool them. Oh and try that 2 times in one game. You'll see.

First off, I do believe Higgins got y9ou to the Grey cup in 2 consecutive seasons, one of those times winning it. Every other season he got you into the playoffs, most times hosting a playoff game (hell it could be all of them i don't really know) So the guys is not a complete bum. Does he take some dumb risks, ala his fake punt last year in the west semi, yes. but In my opinion he ain't nearly as bad as what some Eskimos fans make him out to be.
Oh and yes the Stamps are a good team. I think they are far from Great right now though. And I still honestly have hope for my Riders so don't put a stamp on it that the stamps, leos and esks will be the top 3 in the west

It wasn’t Higgins that made them win the Grey Cup. It was Ricky Ray, Ed Hervey, Terry Vaughn, the developing of Jason Tucker, Mike Pringle. That is why the Eskimos won the Grey Cup. It wasn’t Tom Higgins, ask Danny Maciocia. Danny Maciocia was basically the head coach at the time, all Tom Higgins did was watch the game and say a point here in there. The co-ordinators ran the team. A real coach shows emotion, and gets in his players face when he has to. Tom Higgins doesn’t do that. After a bad play from anybody on Calgary/Edmonton (when he was there) it’s… clap, clap, clap. That’s it. He’s a horrible coach, and Henry Burris and Steve Burratto are responsible for their success so far this season.

I respect your opinion but I disagree with you. The Edmonton fans have never liked Higgens. Higgens is responsible for the successes so far for Calgary. Sure he has good support from very good coaches but that is just it. A good leader surrounds himself with people that are going to make your efforts successful. Higgens got blamed for everything in Edmonton and well we will see Labor day will we not.

I have to admit, as much as I hate Burris for leaving us, he is turning me into a closet Stamps fan. I hate seeing them win, but he is entertaining of a QB to watch. And Greene....... well the jury is still out on whether he is actually even a QB at all. BUT he definitely is not an entertaining one. I hate the long range forcast for my Riders this year because there seems to be an 80% chance of Stampeders in November and overcast and general gloominess in Riderville. Until it is mathematically impossible for the Riders to make the playoffs I will never give up on them, but if they don't make it I will be cheering on Burris and the Stamps in what could have been our year had he chosen to stick around. (Till then, I will probably still cheer every time he throws an interception :slight_smile:)

Go Riders!!

lol Supertoe... Will we make such bets again?


No, no, no.......the bombers will be in third place in the west in 4 weeks with a record of 7 - 7 and will beat the stamps at Canad Inn Stadium in their final regular season game to lock up third place and you can take that to the bank.

Here!! Here!! Preach On Brutha!!!! i'm with you 100% ...


Don’t ever let me do that again

Dr Rise I can not believe you have red and white in the closet!

When pigs fly!

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