Calgary Stampeders win the Grey Cup if...

Same as the "Alouettes will win if..." thread. Let's hear your reasons.

...if they score more points than Montreal...this is easy...

Now who was it that said mods had no sense of humour??

The Stamps win if they play the Als like the two games during the season.

The Stamps won't win. No and, ifs, or buts.

The Stamps win if the Montreal Alouette bus crashes on the way to the stadium. Sorry Red but I can't see your boys pulling this one out in front of 60 thousand Alouette fans at home or however many the Big O holds. But, again I will be cheering for the Stamps this week.

I agree with GreenandWhite on this one. There is no way that the Stamps will be able to handle the pressure of 60 000+ Montreal fans screaming their team to victory. Burris won't be able to the snap count off, Nik Lewis and Cast-Off Copeland will be booed off of the field, and those Stamps will just be too intimidated. Als will win.

You stole my line from the predictions thread :stuck_out_tongue:

How can one steal common sense, pred??

No wait...I take that back...I can think of a few posters on this site who've had their common sense stolen...

The crowd affects both teams. Montreal has played in front of 20,000 all season long. And now they play in front of 60,000. Sure they're a veteran team, but are the Als fans 100% certain that the Als won't choke?

Even if they don't choke, are 40,000 more fans than the team is used to really an advantage? Does every one of those 60,000 fans know when to make noise and when to be quiet? Because that's where the home field advantage comes from. That's why Taylor Field is a hard place to play, the fans make noise when it helps their team.

:thup: That's why they play the game.

I can't wait to see what all you Stampeders fans will use as excuses on Sunday night and Monday morning following the game. "Oh we didn't capitalize on certain things.", "Oh we gave that game away.", "Cut Burris he's a big choker." Just get your congratulations ready for the Als and their fans. I'll be waiting for the "Congrats to the Als and their fans because they deserve it." and the "better team won" comments.

Ah, but that assumes that they in fact had some common sense to begin with..............and, in some cases, that might be debatable.

hows it going itoldyouso/itolduso/jacktodd?
You said the exact same thing in 2006, and look what happened

Why can't people cheer for their teams without being absolute douches?

Calgary is a great team. My Als are going to have to work their tails off to win the Grey Cup. I'll be cheering for them all the way, just like I'll be hoping that Frank shows up instead of Hank. :wink: :lol:

Dude...what the "bleep" are you talking about? How about you go and pick on the other trash talkers instead of calling me all of these "names".

As for the Stamps fans out there...just a little "friendly" chirping. I'm looking forward to a good game on Sunday. It's like I've been saying, the Stamps D is good. But I'm not counting on Burris to deliver. I honestly hope that the Als dominate you but that is only wishful thinking.

...alsalltheway2008 I respect the Als and all they can bring to the game....sad you can't do the same for your team's may look awfully silly come Sunday evening, but somehow I don't think you'll be around to face that....

....this is going to be one heck of a game...

I wonder where alsalltheway has been the entire season?

As an Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos fan...I just don't want to see the Stamps win. But they might pull it off. I seriously hope you don't. :lol: Here is hoping that the Calvillo and Cahoon connection can light up the Stamps secondary!

There is trash talk....and there is making yourself and all us other Als fans look silly
Guess which you are doing?

What tree did you fall from?