Calgary Stampeders vs B.C Lions

Game 2 of the Double Header Tonight and its arguably the two best teams in the league.
Lions has the best regular season, but failed to shine in the playoffs.

Calgary vs BC Lions Game Preview ... ert-picks/

I think this is going to be a high scoring game with Calgary pulling out the victory at home :thup: , What do you guys think?

I think this will be a lower scoring game with BC winning a close one. I think that the Lions are more ready to start the season.

Let's go BC.

I picked BC, so I guess I'm joining the dark side tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

BC looks sluggish so far.

Wow. That was pretty brutal. BC's looking like crap. :expressionless:

Ugh. I wish the Toronto game could've been the late one. This is looking like it's gonna be a one-sided affair. BC's showing no signs of waking up. If they can't put some points on the board by halftime, I'm changing the channel.

Looks like they missed your wake up call.

Wow about 45 real minutes later, the Lions did not improve in that half and wow are just plain awful.

$10 per yard? That's gonna be a helluva donation by the end of the night. :o

Holy hell! A TD followed by an INT returned for a TD. We may actually get a game. :o

The Stamps are right back in it now and we have a game.

Who in the sweet hell is snapping the ball for BC? He needs a boot in the rear. :roll:

Is Drew Tate actually Jesus? I think Rod Black is convinced at the very least.

Long time Center Angus Reid is out with SI joint issue and a torn lower back ligament. at 36, it will be interesting to see if he makes it back, and if so, for how long. A lower back ligament issue for a lineman is bad, a center...I can't imagine the havoc that repetitive motion would cause. Norman has been lining up beside him for a year or whatever and was supposed to replace him next year or the year after (some thing I assume the Riders are doing with Watman)....guess he is center sooner than they were hoping.

This is pro football, and I have seen way too many backs bobble passes or drop them in two days now.

There is no excuse for that, and if they do it next week I say cut them and replace them. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Thanks for the info. That definitely sucks. :? All the best to Reid. :thup:

Well, BC made a decent comeback in the third, but the fourth was just more of the first half. I know it’s only Week 1, and the Lions are on the road, but I wouldn’t be impressed with this performance.

Why is Lulay still in the game? Does BC not have a second stringer? :expressionless:

44-24. hmmm. Been a while since Coach Benevides actually won one.