Calgary Stampeders set to unveil new TD dance tonight

[url]Stampeders touchdown Square Dance - YouTube

Go Bombers!

AWESOME!Am I the only here who hopes they actually do this if they score? :lol:

...and you know their facial expressions will be just like

...I'm surprised though...I see Winnipeg has left a bunch of toys just outside of their endzone again....RVs this time...(sigh) when will they learn....

Huff looks like he's taking a crap. :lol: Burris' smile is beyond ridiculous! :lol:

Hahaha, that was golden.

golden crap? too much corn maybe?

Not surprised that Burris is wearing a dress :lol:

I'd forgotten about that bra picture. :lol:


This absolutely made my night. Even though I chose Winnipeg and lost in the Virtual Cup, that made me grin from ear to ear.

well, I gotta say, burris looked better in that video than he did on the field tonight

I was wondering if anybody would make the connection .