CALGARY Stampeders in talks to be sold for record $$

Just got information that could be going public shortly.

The Rock is close to purchasing the Calgary Stampeders for close to $90m

Partnership with the city, the stampede, and a hotel/casino. Jarome Iginla, Brett Hart will be investors.

30k retractable seat stadium w/ possible expansion for Grey Cups

He intents to own a TV network in Canada partnering with David Asper media network. I believe it's called GAME.


Not again.

I don’t believe you.


listen to SG radio tonight. Gabe Morency will be having a member of the group on.

Stampeders have been on the market for over 2 yrs and were close to being sold twice last yr. The Rock wants in but he apparently is doing it if he thinks they can get a new stadium.

Not familiar with the radio program you mention. It wasn’t the Onion network by any chance? Can’t imagine anyone paying $90 million for a CFL team. I guess we’ll see if there is any truth here.


Its a major tv/radio network. Sports Grid Radio.

Also Hamilton was sold recently with a high value.

Globe and Mail article done few months ago has Winnipeg Blue Bombers valued at $150 million and Saskatchewan Roughriders at $175m

They make money. They have great assets.

As 45 would say "Fake News".

The Stamps would valued at 9 million dollars, not 90 million


If CSEC can get anywhere near 90 million for the Stamps, there's the extra money to forge a new arena deal with the city and then some

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I don't actually believe this to be true because the Rock wouldn't spend that much money. However, if it was true then it would be good for Calgary. They need to upgrade McMahon stadium in the worst way. The only way this would work is if The Rock, Iginla and Hart were extreme minority owners and Redbird Capital was behind it. This is not a job for millionaires.


This rumor has no legs to it. Iginla lives in Boston and Hart looks like his lost half of his nest egg in the divorce after watching the A&E doc on him.. The Rock gave no indication of buying the Stamps when he was on the ESPN Manningcast.


I lean more towards what you're thinking. It's more improbable than impossible.


John hufnagle is a brilliant general manager he has created a football programme that all of cfl emulate. Look at the regeneration of the argos. They should be called the stampeders of the east. Pinball was given the task of rejuvenating the argos thus cfl, all he did was do and take whatever the stampeders do and their talent. I hope the alleged sale of the sampeders is not like when the Wally bono fiascal killed our seems as though we supply the cfl with talent.

Never thought I’d miss threads talking about playing games in Home Depots but here we are……


[quote="EastVanMark, post:12, topic:76634"]

Never thought I’d miss threads talking about playing games in Home Depots but here we are……

Toilet humour thread was pretty epic too.

Good times . :grinning:


Well he was cut by the Stamps so he may have a soft spot in his heart for them, them cutting him allowed him time to parlay his other skills to what he is today. :slight_smile:


…his production company is called Seven Bucks Production in reference to this…it was all the money he had when he was let go by the stamps…


…never seen one of those before…is it so the seats don’t get snow on them?