Calgary Stampede

I'm not a big rodeo guy and maybe it's just because there's nothing else on, but my goodness is it entertaining.

Would you rather ride the bronco or the bull?

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As an animal lover I prefer that it would be banned . It's a barbaric hillbilly spectacle that belongs in the dark ages and only appealing to rednecks .

Okay I've said it , so let the fur fly

I have no problem with the bronco and bull riding as long as they are treating the animals humane. I do however dislike the calf roping. It should be stopped.

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The chuckwagons seem like a good time. Apparently top prize is $2 million. Those horses would be getting some first class oats if they won that.

I got about a minute into that crap and had to shut it off . I rank Country and Western right up there with Rap music . I can't stand either one . :crazy_face:

We've all got a hillbilly bone bobo

No hillbilly in this guys bone .
Me ? I've got a bobo bone . :laughing:

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That dude is one scary sick looking mother tucker. Not sure exactly where you found that guy . I'm beginning to wonder about you FYB . :laughing: :clown_face: :japanese_ogre:

I would like to try the new Bronco .

I would break my back with the real bronco or bull .

The bull looks like he might take it personally and gore you after falling while The bronco keeps kicking .

Those brave rodeo clowns have some hutzpah .

I hate to be a party pooper, but I think I share a common opinion in saying the Stampede just isn't the Stampede without the Chuck wagons. Also, I have really noticed a lack of enthusiasm for it this year (with really surprises me). Very few seem to be dressed up and very little outside events (like community breakfasts etc) are occurring.