Calgary Stadium issue, not looking like Olympic bid will help much

The draft hosting plan proposed pumping about $500 million into upgrading eight venues that were used in '88, including McMahon Stadium, Scotiabank Saddledome, Olympic Oval, Canmore Nordic Centre, Nakiska Ski Resort, WinSport’s ski hill and sliding track, as well as a pair of buildings on the Stampede grounds for the press centres.

Based on this article, the chances of the Stamps getting much help from the Olympic for a new stadium doesn’t look good. The stadium is lumped in with 6 other venues, at best McMahon will get a $100 million upgrade, how much that would benefit the stamps, not sure.

Not sure how likely this bid will go through anyways, as not only the Calgary citizens still have a vote upcoming, but the bid is looking at Edmonton and Vancouver as sites for some of the activities.

From Jermaine Franklin yesterday…
The Calgary 2026 Bid does include renovations to McMahon Stadium that includes new washrooms, operations and a new concourse and patio.

It appears that McMahon will largely remain, um, “historic”, to quote a poster on these forums. ;D

Hopefully seats too for the entire stadium that are comfortable and colour keyed nicely .

Ah yes, the “Lipstick on a pig” approach.


ooh ooh ooh

I wanna name the pig

Spend $5.2B and don’t include a new Arena and Stadium in that total??
Hmmm, Seems this Mayor wants the Olympics, but doesn’t support or likes sports at all. ???

Definitely reduced capacity .

Looks like 29,000 seats permanent after the games plus suites .

14,000 each side maybe 700 in the one end zone and whatever is allowed in the suites .

I would like to know the estimated lifespan after renos… Is would have to be multiple decades for this project to make sense.

If actually don’t mind the idea if it’s good for longer term. I like the addition of the endzone plaza/permanent seats.

Also, in almost any other scenario the fans would lose tailgating. Huge bonus keeping that part of the game day experience.

The Vancouver Olympics cost a lot more and didn’t include building a new stadium or arena.

Keep in mind the Vancouver Olympics “cost? varies from one source to another, and this Calgary one is a cost projection which rarely (almost never) come in at that amount. It’s usually much higher

Sounds like some nice improvements. If they can expand the concourse area and washroom access then the facility is fine. I do always question sinking 100mil into a <200mil facility though

Biggest problem, IMO, with a new facility is that the present one has such a good location.

Build a new stadium. The fans in Calgary deserve it. Spend 300 million (like Sask) or waste 5.2 billion on the Olympics and be in debt for years on the tax payers pockets. hmmmmm…sounds like a no brainer to me.

If they do renovate, I wonder where the stamps would play?
Olympics are in February-March. So they would be working through the entire CFL season.

Would the Olympic committee cover the costs of the team having to play elsewhere for a season?

Are there any places in Calgary where they could put 10-20k temp seats to play?

The reno’s pictured look like they would be doing more work on the west side than Eastside.

Will they be adjusting rows, as people on this site have mentioned their is not enough room to change all the bench seating to individual seats.

Ideally, if the bid is approved and Calgary is selected. They would begin the reno within a year. If they are able to do one side at a time I think the might be able to host games around the construction.

I think both the East / West grandstands will be identical. The picture was only showing one side as an example.

That renovated west stand artist draswing looks fairly similar to the west side of Tim Hortons Field with the main concourse open to the field. IThis a shot of that from the Labour Day game as the sun was setting at THF)

Japan drops out of 2026 Winter Olympics

And then there were 4

Calgary should drop out if they are smart, it’s corruption and a crock of crap paying all those Olympics committee members millions after millions in salaries.

Calgary, you don’t the Olympics at all, not in the least. The Olympics as they’ve become will soon be a dead horse I think. Toronto doesn’t want it.

You are right Aerial, with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the Federal government blows on the Olympics,
they could build new Stadiums in Calgary, Montreal and Halifax and have tons of $$$$$ left over.