Calgary sizes up contenders to back up Bo

Right back in the thick of it.

For quarterbacks Jake Maier, Michael O’Connor and Dakota Prukop, it’s been a battle to impress through training camp so far as they vie for the backup spot behind starter Bo Levi Mitchell.

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Its the most prestigious and best backup job in pro football. In Calgary - backup today=HOF in 20 years

Stampeder QB factory continues. Soon, the Riders and other teams will be begging to sign these guys. Kinda makes you wonder what is wrong with the rest of the league.

Bo is at least in current history in the top five. I hope he is fully recovered. I don't want any excuses when BB play Stamps. Two healthy teams let the players play.


Come onnnnnn O'Connor!

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There are certainly other good QB's in the league, but I do wonder why no other GM seems to have the fortitude to build a team the way Calgary does

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