Calgary Signs O'Mahony? WOW...

Heard from a source today that Duncan O’Mahony just signed a two-year deal in Calgary…Wow, when they already have the best punter (Dales) in the CFL, this doesn’t make much sense…I just hope Sask ends up getting Dales when it is all said and done…we need a good punter!! Congi ain’t doin it!!


Just because he is signed doesn't mean the job is his. I'm sure he'll have to compete and out perform Dales. I'll bet Dales will take out for a night on the town, have a few tokes, and O'Missy will end up in Saskatoon. :wink: :wink:

I don't get this either .... much that I like O'Missie at punting ... why are Stamps adding him .... ????

It seems the Stamps needed a new water boy and Duncan signed on. Just make sure he does not spike the gator aide.

He is training camp fodder!
Dales was on the radio yesterday and they told him they were going to bring someone in to ha ha ha push him.

They had Duncan on the radio last night. The way he was talking, he made it sound like he was a shoo-in. I thought maybe Dale's went elsewhere, but R&W's post tells me he's still in town.

Duncan must have brought a couple pounds of BC Bud with him. Oh well, I guess competetion for position is good!

Sporty I am not sure what Barker is thinking maybe helping him out but when you compare the two kickers Burker wins every tiem. Do not be suprised to here the boo birds out O'Missy when he gets his try :slight_smile:
He has failed each every time. Sure he may have cleaned up his act since he went missing at the airport and you might give him credit for that. But I think the Stamps are doing this more as a favor to help a player then him having a chance of beating Dales out of a job.
This is the funniest thing I have ever seen since the Feterik kid played QB.

…i think he could be trade bait red, i can’t see him taking the punting job from your current guy…But O’ Shanker could get hot for the stamps and light up his career again…just watch him in airports though…and make sure he’s kicking in the right direction when he takes the field… :lol:

I don't understand this move either unless it is to push the current kicker and maybe there is something going on in the locker room which we are not privy to.
Duncan unfortunately was done the last two years he played.

Sandro and Burke are on the radio every thursday afternoon and seem happy about the up coming year. They even joked a week ago when Barker said he was bringing someone in to challenge him. Now this happens Burke knows it is to make him a better player nothing more. No problems with the kickers. The receivers is another story.

Receivers? Last year you were bragging them up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. I would say the singing of O'Mahoney is just to give the other two some competition, nothing more... but it could be an audition for O'Mahoney if someone else in the league like what they see and make a trade for him.

Competetion is always good.

Maybe O'Mahoney will look good in exhibition and the Stamps can deal him to a deam that needs a kicker or punter.

god, just sign me, i'll do it for free, and do a better job at it too :roll:

You are right apparently two other teams wanted him so we will see. Yes, I bragged about them but that was before Thurmon became a problem with in that group. You guys can have him back.

Well a blind man can do better then O'Missy when he has been drinking all night. Apparently he has cleaned up his act over the time spent not playing.