Calgary sending a message to the league?

Calgary had a very convincing win last night over a very good BC Lions ball club, I believe they are sending an early message that you don't want to play us. I was very surprised by the success of the defence, and the offensive line played well to.

Nice start, should be a fun year.

Too bad about the injury to our new middle
linebacker (out 6 to 8 weeks) but thats football, and you wont here me use injuries as any kind of excuse.

Its a little early to be talking about messages but they did play very well

Calgary played o.k but they slumped in the 3rd which if B.C. played like they should have Calgary would have been shut down! the lack of passion/heart defintly showed it was like they were coasting xcept for the 2 buck plays late in the second quarter. I do agree burris looks better this year but 1 game don't mean shit! Go LIONS

unacceptable comment on a family forum, IMO

And it was taken out. Thanks for quoting it. :wink:

...too bad hotlion77 is another of those delusional lions fans that can't understand their team was bested by a superior team..."oh, calgary played well, but the only reason they won was because BC played bad"....wrong, the stamps were the better team, plain and with it...

Good job :thup: :rockin:

i picked calgary to finish 1st in the west

Now now red!
The only reason Calgary won was because they scored more points than BC. if not for that small detail....BC would have won for sure

...sorry, how could I forget that, I agree, the only reason Calgary won was because BC allowed them to score more points then they themselves could rack up, correct hotlion77?...

...well that, and BC sucked last night...

ya there is that too

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Stamps looked good. Fully deserving of the win. If they continue to play like that then they will be contenders in the West. Wouldn't surprise me if they finish 1st in the West.

It's game one of 18 for the Lions. Lots more football to be played. Wake up Lions!

And you do know that Wally did not go to Calgary to win with his team. Yup Wally told his guys to play lousy.

...Lionbacker I'll bet wally has a pretty good practice schedule lined up this week to answer for that outing, you'll probably see a much better squad show up for your home opener agsint the riders...

Somebody tell Saskatchewan and Edmonton not to play tonight and cancell the season. According to Calgary people they won the Grey Cup Thursday night. Looking forward to 2009 only 12 months away.

The Stamps have been one of the best home teams for some time now, their problem has been winning outside of Alberta. Let's see how they do the road first.