What is with the Stamps? Major butt kicking of Montreal? Looks similar to our season last year, win win win, then opps!

Calgary needs to be taken down a notch, but not before the big Labour Day against Edmonton, hope the Eski-chokers lose big time.

Wrong forum kid

No kidding. Montreal does seem like BC's season last year. BC with their 11 game winning streak, then down hill from there. Well see what happens to the stamps and als in the weeks to come, till then... BC Lions all the way! :rockin:

roar u lions roar

we aint neva scared bring calgary

we beat calgary 43-20 in cow town , i know everyone is saying there a different team but i still believe the leos are THE BEST IN THE WEST

Amen, You Said It! :rockin: :rockin:

Calgary has a very solid team, but in terms of depth and skill, BC would emerge as the consensus choice for Grey Cup victory.