Calgary Running Back Roberts


I watched a part of last night game and i don’t know if it was just a good timing but i saw two really impressing run by the Calgary RB.

I thought I saw is name, Roberts, but i went on the Stamps Web site and he’s not on the roster list. Anyway, is he that good or is it a really bad Bomber D ?

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No offence to Bomber’s

His name is Reynolds.

Thanks for the info.

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…reynolds…and I for one think he is THAT good…although he came in late to the organization last year and only played a handful of games his yards per carry put him third in the year behind Keith and (i think) Holmes…after the game against the Argonuts his YPC was like 7.1…

…if he can stay healthy he’ll give the rest of the RBs in the league a run for best RB…

I agree wholeheartedly…Reynolds looks really good so far…I think he, along with Lewis, are the bright spots on the Stamp O! :mrgreen:

was reynolds #21?if so he did have some good plays and it wasnt the D but reynolds also did have some very short gainage or even none at all at some times. the D wasnt bad, just sometimes you get lucky and have a huge gain, charlie has a couple of those last nite to.

Reynolds looked impressive I think we’ll hear his name more often this season…Hey R&W better give Burris a kick in the butt, I wasn’t impressed with him or the rest of the offense last night.

i dont really care about the stamps rb i think that everyone missed jermaincopelands quiet offenceive night if ur thinking of kicking burris a kick in the but it should be for not throwing the ball to copeland

Yeah, a bit too quit was the O, including Copeland.

Reynolds was great, the Punter and Kicker were fantastic and Nic Lewis with the blocked punt were all bright spots in an otherwise sub-par performance. I think Burris and the O will pick it up soon.

Or maybe all those dropped passes by Copeland…

–His name is Joffrey Reynolds. Yeah, he had a good game, he looks like a keeper. You got Calgary’s and Winnipeg’s RB mixed up. Charles Roberts is Winnipeg’s RB. He actually had a better game than Reynolds, in my opinion. Is it just me, or is there alot of really good running backs coming on as of late in the CFL? Soon we’re going to be like the NFL, where 90% of teams seem to have a stud RB these days.