Calgary RBs

Hey rw2005 and r&w

Im torn between telling the opposition about our
candidate for fullback or should we let them wait
and see for themselves. LOL

We didn't have a fullback all last year and it did not hurt the team.

AH I would let the secret out! They will have difficulty defnding against any way!

It seems funny the Winnipeg Fans are worried about a fullback on the Stamps where as they do not have a proven QB or for that matter a back up ha ha ha ha. Keep dreaming boys!

I read that Tony Fickling a DE also played FB in College... he's 270lbs!!! Ouch!

Good for you Marty!!!

Did you read the part where he was considered
a vicious fullback in college???

Man i hope we can find room for all the talent we have in camp.

Hey, didn't the BlueBombers just sign a running back this heavy too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Turd he's a d lineman who could easily
come in on short yardage situations and
be one heck of a lead blocker.

Yes and Buratto has been using him at Fullback on short yardage. His Dline skills have matched D Max as well! Again some tough calls are ahead for the coaching staff.