Calgary RBs

I was checking the Stamps roster and found that they still don't have a FB in camp and only 2 RBs?

What's up with that?

.....massive air attack which will spread out the opposing D so that all that is required is RBs.....we don't plan on having a second and one situation all year long.....first down, first down, TD.....first down, first down, first down,

And there's always Burris to take care of the occasionnal 2nd and short situations...

Apparently, the Stamps also plan on cutting all punters from camp, because they don't feel they'll have to punt this season.

Speaking of the Stamps, did you heard they just signed a new sponsor?... It's something called Prozac...

hmmmm.....they must have a lot confidence in their oline to think they do not need a blocking back for Reynolds....hope they dont get too one dimensional.....

......with there vaunted air attack Henry will sure boost his numbers this year(interceptions)...just watch for the nervous :lol:

Actually R&W you need to get to a practise. They have four running backs in camp.
Wes Cates, Reynolds, Allen and Booobie Stallings. No FB though!

Why in the *** would we waste a spot on the roster with a fullback????

Reynolds, Allen and Boobie in the backfield
will be able to handle any short yardage situations.

Hows Scotty Anderson looking rw2005???

I hear he's got some serious jets.

Esks have Maurer, Dubuc, and Bertrand as FB's, and all THREE of them were used at some point last year!

The guy is very deceptive! It looks like he is just gliding and then the speed kicks in. Several of the DB's are learning though! He is looking good. Another guy who is a behemeth of a slot back is Beau Gibbs and he has very nice hands for the ball. Try and tackle the guy though! Did not make it for this afternoons practise.

...don't you work?.....

You bet I do and long hours!, I can't get to TC practices because of this thing called a job that takes up great gobs of time during the portion of the day when the sun is out....

Well my hours vary! And in some cases 12 hours a day. So when a chance is available I take it to see how the guys are doing on the field.

…and we are glad for it, thanks for the excellent updates!..

Unfortunately the next two days the morning practises are out for me as of now but you just never know? But I will be there in the afternoons.

i rember last year at the end of the season the just put a different number on a back up o line men and sent him in there

I see a crack in the Stamps offence, as papazoola said, happy feet Burris will be doing the two step into the turf...ya need the big fullback, banging holes in tough yardage situations...oh, thats right, there is no tough yardage for the stamps this year..

All things considered, I am now more surprised that they didn't go for Corey Hathaway in the dispersal draft.

Sorry to go off-topic here for a second, but I'm just wondering how you get a picture into your sig. RedandWhite and redwhite2005?