Calgary QBs

Hey! Who knows who will be Calgary QB this season?
Has there been a choice made for the starter yet?

Well Hank of course will be the starter for sure. But the stamps now have a guy that is pushing him. Aklie Smith through out camp has looked very good. Barrick Nealy is another guy who has been compared to Casey Printers. He is the same style of QB and has a strong arm as well. He reads the plays well and can also get the job done. Cubit to is not bad he has been improving each day. One of these guys will be let go (Nealy or Cubit) and could help any team in the CFL.
Higgens has stated if Hank faulters he will not hesitate to put Smith in.

hank is the worst qb ever. smith should be the starter so we can have a qb who doesnt throw an interception every second drive.

Burris will still be the Stamps starter. Smith did look very good in the first pre season game. I would love to see him continue his good play, and he will earn additional playing time. It has been a while since Henry Burris has had to look over his shoulder.

Well it takes more then one preseason game and TC to learn an offense. I would not bet anything a change is going to happen. But at least we know we have two other QB's learning the offense.

Well, after listening to tonights game, Smith seemed to be impressive again. I'm sure Burris will still be starting next weekend, but one would have to think that he may be pulled a lot quicker this year if he is inefecctive.

Well Hank of course will be the starter for sure
I wouldnt be too sure i was at the Rider game and Hank looked bad compared to Smith, Smith had what three passing touchdowns and really moved the offence in the second half. All game the people around me were talking about how Burris might be riding the pine sooner then later and judging by this pre-season game I agree. Smith looks like he could easy develop into a really good quarterback for you guys.

I wouldn't pencil Smith in as the starter just yet. The Riders took out all their starting DB's for most of the second half, Ruiz was the only guy in there who wasnt a rookie. Calgary kept most of their starters in. I would say Burris will be starting against the Cats next week.

Love in the air! Oh yes the love boat theme how nice. Thanks rider fans we have noted your wisdom and will keep it under advisement. May I let you know that your two QB's did not exactly do a good job as well. Sambo you went after Laryy about his team choking in the red zone right. So exactly what was the difference for your two qb's last night. After how many years in the CFl has Hank come out looking like a dog! Hmm every year. Sambo you keep repeating your guys were rookies in the line up last night I suppose Calgary left their rookies at home last night. Thought so! Priders please get over Hank he loves you! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You dont repeat yourself? We have been hearing , get over Hank for 3 yrs now... time to come up with something new 05.. just like Larry, you use the same argument/insult over and over and over.... :roll:

Well Sambo to compare me with Larry is very mean take a bow. I feel very priviledged to have my name used with Larry in the same context. But really the reason this has to be repeated is many of you have not gotten over him. Everytime the conversation about the Stamps is directed about Hank. By the sounds of it Hank is the only player on the Stampeder team. NOw the only other thing I can think of is that you envy the Stampeders having a good QB like hank on the team. You see you guys will never get over that fact. How long has it been? I will get you his autograph and you can put it under your pillow. :lol:

If you are going to do an imitation of the tooth fairy, I'd rather have a C note under that pillow. Seriously, from what I heard of the Stamps last night, I dont expect much change from last year. Maybe Hank got the stinker game out of the way in the final ex game like Dickenson did the night before. It will be a close for 2nd place among the Stamps, Esks and Riders. One will fall by the wayside early, and it could any of those three teams. I still think that neither Toronto or Hamilton are good enough to make it to the post-season, so whoever finishes 4th in the West should cross over.

You know Sambo it really is to early to tell what is going to happen. Who really knows right? A team can be heavily favored and then key injuries can play a part in a team placing in any position. Right now one thing we can say is all teams are in first place. No parade routes yet until the fat lady or Larry sings.

Wow i don't even come on here for like 1 year and then i decide hey i'll go onto cfl forums and boom look at this, Mr. Sambo and Mr. RedWhite2005 are fighting once again, haha some thigns never change!! How you doing by the way redwhite?? Ok so i went to the rider preseason game of course, and i saw this Akeli Smith, and truly, how can anyone assume that Burris' job at the moment is questionable?? Burris will defenitely be the starter, but as someone else on here said, if Burris is not performing, it's very possible that Smith will come in to bail him out.

This would kind of be like the B.C. situation with Buck Pierce and Dave Dickenson. Dave still has starting job, but Buck is in there sometimes to bail Dave out, whether he's injured or not performing well. And also as someone else said, take into considereation that th eonly starter the riders had against smith on defence was ruiz, who recently got cut from the team... lol but anyway yea its not long enough for smith to overthrow burris. Good luck to the stamps this year, hope to play you guys in the playoffs again! Hopefully in Regina too! haha take care everyone!

Hey long time no see. Nice to see you back. No Sambo and I do not fight we just sometimes do not agree. Well you are right Burris is number 1 for now. But it is going to be up to him if he keeps that job or not. Consistancey msut start occuring or the hook is coming out. No excuses this year. He has a new OC (his first cfl oc coach when he gcame into the league)and if he can not get Burris going no one can. It is to bad because when Burris is going he is good but that has been the problem. Cortez will either get him going or Burris will enjoy holding a clip board. :roll:

Yea i know what you mean, when Burris is on an roll, there's almost no stopping him, and sadly, he usually plays his best game against us!! That's what always makes me angry haha, but oh well, we gotta learn to shut down all kinds of qb's and offenses, but yea it is truly as you say up to Burris to keep his job!

Hope you are here to stay for the season it is always good to hear from a good rider fan such as yourself. Do not be hard on my buddy Sambo he too is a good poster.

Haha yea man but it will be hard because i am super busy this year, i hardly have time to go to the roughrider games! I'm working at a camp for 2 weeks and then i'm going to ukraine for 3 weeks, so i mean it'll be tough but oh well i'll try to make it on here for sure! It's always fun giving my opinion on football to people who know what they are talking about unlike school! :lol:

Enjoy the trip and try to have time for yourself.

Haha yea thanks bud, we'll see, my girlfriend is in my dance group so i mean i wont' have alone time but i'll want to spend lotsa time with her most likely so yea no doubt it'll be a good trip! Good luck to you guys on Saturday!