Calgary QBs, Nealy out?

I'm surfin the web for 40 times and found this pretty interesting quote here ... pyid=14092:

Draft Scout Ryan Cubit News
05/01/07 - Monday, Cubit chose Calgary's one-year contract with a player option for a second over offers to attend the minicamps of the NFL's Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets. Cubit's chance at a pro career will begin north of the border. "They wanted an answer soon and it wasn't one of those deals where I could go to the NFL, weigh my options and go up there if it didn't work out,'' said Cubit, who has a guaranteed roster spot with the Alberta-based franchise. `` ... The biggest thing is I had the contract in hand. It was a tough decision, but the smart decision.'' The CFL pays its first-year non-starters around $75,000, though that would increase drastically, possibly to $400,000 or more, if Cubit were to take over the starting job. Henry Burris, Calgary's starting quarterback in 2006, as well as the recently signed Akili Smith (a former first round NFL Draft pick) are the Stampeders' other two QBs. Cubit said he leaves for Calgary on May 28, with training camp beginning on June 1. - Kalamazoo Gazette

Does that mean that Nealy is the odd man out even before camp started or they just BSed and he still might get cut.

No CFL contracts are not garaunteed.

I know that, but the team said that he's guaranteed a roster spot.
Interesting., the guy who wrote this said he has a guarenteed roster position, nowhere in the article does it say the Stampeders said this...

Marty the Als looking for a good back up. Cubit might be a good choice. I would bet right now he is the odd man out after yesterdays mock game. Not that Cubit did bad, he looked better then anything that Taman has brought to Winnipeg. The guy has a strong arm and a good head on his shoulders (smart). The problem is Burris is the incumbent, Akli Smith is proving why he was a high draft choice in the NFL and Nealy was the best in the mock game. Nealy is the gem in my opinion. I hate to say this but if Burris does not pick up his game he could end up being a third stringer here in Calgary. And you all know I have backed Burris more then anybody posting on here.

...if you look real hard, in the word 'incumbent' you can find the word 'bum', albeit in a mixed up condition....that's all I'm saying for now, read into that what you want...

Why not wait and see what they can do in preseason before you make that claim.

I guess you are being a bit defensive of your GM. I am talking about the QB graveyard of that last few years. And the guys he has there right now if you look at your own statments in the bomber threads and basically it does not sound good for the guys he has in place this year. So I am going by what I read. So piggy do not take it wrong., so much for that 'guaranteed' roster spot Cubit....buh-bye...

Marty so sad buddy but very wrong in this post.