Calgary pulls fast one

Calgary has ruled that if you want to buy a ticket to either the July 23rd game against the Riders or the Labour Day game against the Eskimo you also have to buy a ticket for another game!!! :x

What sort of cheap ass orgainzation are they running!!! Boost up the ticket price a bit if you want, but this is just cheezee!

Who will be the most hurt by this? The hotels, bars, etc that will lose out on the fans that will not travel to Calgary out of anger with this!

I think the CFL management should look at this! We are trying to build up a league and team rivalries are one way to do this!

I guess they are afraid of having real fans show up to their stadium…

That's weak. New owners, same old class.

I guess they don't want to have fans in attendance at the Labour Day game.

so the rumour is that Calgary is back peddling, saying that the rule is only in effect until the season starts, then you can buy just one ticket.

Ah the circus continues.....

I don't see this one flying too far, about the same aerodynamic viability as taping cardboard wings onto a rock. The Labour Day and any of the Rider games are big draws and someone in the Front Office must have had some bad OJ the morning this was dreamt up....I wouldn't lose sleep over it guys.....

But what this little episode did draw out is a bunch of whiners, namely the present company I address here,

Real Fans lee? Then why is Taylor Field not sold out of season tickets already? Oh yeah, I forgot, all the 'real' fans had to leave Regina to find actual jobs to support their families and when the Riders do chance to visit the burg those real fans are currently and temporarily calling home they scrape together their empties to buy a ticket......

New Owners, same old class Moses? Yeah, about as classy as the now-you-got-Hervey-now-you-don't, let's force the Coach-of-the-year to resign so we'll look better than if we just fire him, let's not let Mikey get that record after all organization that you support.....

Wanna trash talk while you discuss a current event, let's go........wanna just talk about a current event? That's all good too.........

It'll get more Eskimo fans there for Nov. 6 to end the season, and who knows that might end up being a big game this year.

hey, This is the Flames marketing group that has done this. They do this for the flames and it works. The thing is you buy two games and then just sell it. I am sure it will be easy to sell.

I was surprised as well, I had been planning to buy tickets to that game, but am not interested in 2 games. If that's the case I stay here and watch it somewhere. If it's not I hope to be there tailgatin in yer parkin lot wearing Green and Gold.

And just for the hell of it,

Hey RedandWhite, that coach-of-the-year that you mentioned was the guy that made the call on the "lets not get Mikey that record after all" thing. We call him Ned Flanders up here. You guys hired him. He had no choice to but to leave. His players were questioning his decisions openly. Now he is running your team and making the FINAL decision on everything. Good luck with that. Oh yeah and while you are talking about organizations, how about that I own the team so my son can play thing you guys had going on there?

Anyway, just havin a little fun. Will be an interesting season. Bet you guys are lookin forward to camp as much as I am.


I know, I'm just poking a stick at Moses who drifts in here with his 'holier-than-thou' attitude when it suits him.....

Update: Ted Hellard (Majority Owner) is supposed ot be on the local sports radio sometime this morning. Now I'm supposed to be working you know so I may miss it but I'll try to update y'all later but essentially it goes sumtin like this.......

The two game 'packs' will be offered initially but there is every inidcation that single game tickets (i.e. walk-ups) will be availabel. So if you are the casual buyer and just want to attend the Rider 23rd game or the labour day game you'll be able to do so. However, as those single game tickets won't be offered until a little later in the season (i.e. June) it might mess up some event organizers who like to put together game packages, road trips per se. Anyway, I'll try to keep you folks in Edmonton and Regina up to date. See? and you were calling us unhospitable......

Not all of, but yeah that will be appreciated for sure.

to Calgary management:
It has tken me 3 months to get my password thing straightened out and now the first time I get to post on the forum I hear that to go to the labor day game I have to purchase a ticket for another game as well.Give your head a shake and get into the real world.I Ilive in Kamloops it is going to be real hard to go to another game as well.A ticked off Stamps fan from B.C.

no new news yet from Hellard on his 'clarification' of the package ticket policy......I'll keeping looking out......

“Holier than thou”? Because I expressed an opinion that hurt your little pony feelings? Get over it. If what I do can be labelled as “drifting” then surely your contributions must be referred to as “spamming”.

God forbid some of the old board contributors start reappearing as the season approaches. Who’da thunk it? Loosen up those azzless chaps, will ya?

Alright, got a rise outta you there bearer of the tablets.....yup, I disagreed with your opinion saying that the move showed no class, it's a business decision, what's class got to do with it.....

I guess thats why Henry’s with the Stamps now :wink:

With respect to the far too many fans from other cities and provinces who patronize the Stamps on those dates...this is a business decision and may even weed out the greenies in July and the Green and Gold fans on Labor Day...It's sad for visiting fans...but those of us behind the new owners and new team don't fact it is kind of interesting now that we have the Riders QB and the Eskimoes Coach ha ha. :smiley:

What if you buy tickets to both the RIders game and the labour day game? Do you then have to purchase another ticket for another game? Or does purchasing both tickets cancel each other out. I just think a labour day game ticket would be quite easy to sell.

Yep, Henry picked the right team. He's scared of a little competition and, so it appears, is the Calgary management when it comes to whose fans are in the stands.


This isn't unusual in sports. When Oakland comes to town in Sand Diego, to purchase a game ticket you have to purchase another San Diego ticket. It sucks but that's business.

absolutly stupid! great way to keep fans coming back.