Calgary Police crack down on Tailgaters

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Bad stamps fans. No beer for you.

In the late stages of the Stamps' recent Thanksgiving Day game, Calgary Police found a man in the N.W. corner of the stands beaten worse than the Roughriders.

With a compressed skull fracture and broken orbital bone, EMS identified the bloodied man's injuries as life threatening.

Wow, a man is found with life threatening injuries and the author's making jokes... Classy. :expressionless:

Vancouver Police cracked down on tailgaters at the beginning of this year. Actually, I'm not sure if it was VPD or IMPARK (the company that runs the lots) that initiated it. Might have been IMPARK due to liability issues.

The lot we park in used to have up to a couple hundred people tailgating in it, maybe even more during playoff or Grey Cup games. Some of the guys went all out. I'm talking rolling out 30 sq feet of sod, big screen TVs, etc. Some guy brought a super high powered projector to last years West Final and had the eastern game playing on a 15ft screen, clearly visible in daylight, so it had to be some kind of unit.

This year when we showed up for the preseason games, there was huge signs saying 'No Tailgating, No Open Alchohol, etc'. Cop cars at the entrances, and a couple motorcycle cops cruising through the lot. Cops are stopped coming after the 4-5th game, and you see a couple guys drinking beers by their cars once in a while, but the days of a full blown party in the lot are long gone.

That sucks, it's too bad a select few have to ruin it for everyone. I'm not so sure tailgating is the issue, I think most stadiums just need more security that throw out people who become a problem. You're going to get the idiots whether nor not you cut down on the tailgating, they'll just drink before they come to the game.

Actually it is long over due and Zbest the problem only occurs when the riders play in Calgary. But yes like I said earlier in the year tailgating will slowly be removed from the games at McMahon Stadium and that mean no more rally at Foothills stadium where I feel most the drunks are coming from. So if your caught drunk, with alcohol going into the stadium they will take your ticket and show you out the door. When people get carried away this is the reaction you can expect. It does punsih the people that can handle their beer and have a good time without being jerks at the game. And by the way Zbest of all the people posting on this site only you would find finding a man in life threatening condition would find it funny.

The few games (5-6 a year) I have been to in Calgary, I have always thought that the tailgate parties were actually pretty good. I have never been to one but everyone we walked by, the people were having a good time, nice, friendly and over all harmless. My kids thought that we should start our own. Too bad it is being clamped down on.

Why are you calling out Zbest on this one, when it was your Calgary Sun reporter who cracked the joke about a guy badly beaten? And he did it in a newspaper article as a so-called professional journalist.
As for the problem only occurring when the Riders play, I suspect while that may be when the problems are at their worst, for a variety of reasons, I doubt you're correct. Having been to a few of these tailgate parties, I can assure you that there are plenty of drunk Stampeder fans in attendance as well. And given you constantly tell us there are only a couple of hundred Rider fans at these games, not thousands, one might even get the impression it is mostly Stampeder fans causing the problem.

It's unfortunate that they're clamping down. That sounds like it would have been a lot of fun.

Of course blame it on any one but a rider fan surprise surprise. Yes in the video with the cops those were stamp fans dressed in green as well.

Actually the families and friends that gather at tail gate parties are in most cases good natured fun with beer hidden in cups. I be3lieve the probelm stems from the rider parties at foothills stadiums where open liguor is pretty obvious. Now I am not condeming all rider fans I know a few of them thaqt attend McMahon stadium games but even they look at the Foothills event as nothing but a drunk tank. And yes Arius Zbest made fun of it whether you like it or not.

No one has ever denied the few bad apples wearing green, 05. The problem is, in your delusional world where only a few hundred Rider fans attend games at McMahon, you are oblivious to the fact that there are also bad apples wearing red. And Zbest did not make fun of a guy who had been beaten. Not on this thread at least. Of course as he is a Rider fan, you feel the need to take everything in the worst possible light and make the biggest mountain you can out of the smallest molehill. If this were a problem just for the one or two Rider games each year, the police would not be taking the steps they are.

Of the 10,000 Riders fans at Stamp games 9,900 are from Calgary. They are Calgary citizens, so you are just slamming your own when you refer to them as you do, Redwhite. They just happen to have a preference for a different team but they are still YOUR people. So learn to deal with your own people before you slam the mighty Saskatchewanites.

They way people drive in greater vancouver and the island, they would have to ticket 99 out of 100 people on the road at any given time. Its about time police crack down on tailgaters. Too damn many accidently caused by tailgating. I am all for it. Go police. :thup: :rockin:


I was thinking the same thing. Journalism has sunk to a new low in this case!

Well, he did make light of the situation with his Seinfeld reference... That may be what 05 is talking about.

He made light of the entire situation regarding the tailgating. He did not specifically poke fun at a guy who had been beaten, as did the Calgary Sun reporter--as you yourself note..

You're probably right. I'm just saying that may be what 05 is talking about. Personally, I took it as him ragging on the Stamps fans for being drunken idiots, as well.

But the author makes a crack about the guy being beaten, and then zbest makes a general crack...

I agree--that is what he is talking about. As long as we can all agree, he doesn't know what he is talking about. If a fan from another team had said the exact same thing, 05 would have had no problem with it. Clearly Zbest was ragging on Stamps fans and makes absolutely no reference to that specific act. There is no more connection here than if 05 had said Zbest was making fun of JoJuan Armour getting in a fight....

If you guys insist on a defence of me, I guess I'll come out in my own defence.

Stamps fans bad, Stamps players bad, Stamps security bad, Stamps internet posters bad, Stamps media bad.

Your punishment is no beer, no more fun for you. Go find something else to do.

As for me finding it funny that a CFL fan got beaten within an inch of their life for spending their money to support their team ... No Comment.