Calgary Player's Complaining....

I'm not usually one to bash another team but i've been ready the articles on the tsn and sportsnet websites and it seems like Calgary's players are looking for some one else other than them selves to blam. Reynold's is saying he didnt get the ball enough that's why they lost, Abdullah is saying the ref's cost them the game. So Rahim Smilin hank completing more passes to green and white jersey's than red ones is what lost you the game.

Everyone in Calgary is wondering why there team can't win, well lets start with some accountability the players have no one but them selve's to blam for the lose and when they realize that they'll take that step forward to bein the good team they could be. Sorry just had to vent...

Reynold's said they lost because he didn't get enough carries? I'll believe that when i see it. Post an article. I could see him being disappointed in not getting more but no way would a class act guy like Reynolds say that's the reason they lost.

Here it is, actually I thought Reynolds had more class than that as well.

Canadian Press

11/6/2006 1:59:37 PM

CALGARY (CP) - Calgary running back Joffrey Reynolds wanted the ball more.

Following a disappointing 30-21 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday afternoon, Reynolds flat out said the Calgary Stampeders could have won the game if he had been given the opportunity to run more.

"I only got the ball at the end of the game," said Reynolds, who finished with 55 yards rushing on 15 carries and 34 more yards on two catches. "I don't care what it is, you don't put your top offensive player on the backburner like that."

In the first quarter, Reynolds hauled in a short pass from Calgary quarterback Henry Burris and ran for 23 yards before Saskatchewan linebacker Tristan Clovis knocked the ball out of his hands and Maurice Lloyd picked up the fumble. He finished the half with just those yards and 26 more rushing the ball.

"How can I not be upset," said Reynolds. "As a player you want to get the ball in the fourth quarter. I don't think I really got it that much in the third quarter. The times I did get it was two big first downs."

He finished with 15 carries for 55 yards.

i dont know how much more carries he wants?...he was ineffective all game and thats prolly way he didnt get 25 carries...he would run 3 steps and get hit by a wall.

Whatever, I never thought I would see him bitch because he doesnt seem like that type of player. And as far as refs costing the Stamps the game... What a load of bull. Henry had 2 fumbles that apparently werent fumbles... I think the players would be better of shutting their mouths...