calgary player offside

The Calgary player who was offside was on the opposite side of the field to the side where they kicked it. What a terrible way to lose a game. He wasn't even involved in the play. Couldn't he have stayed onside? Terrible. He's got to feel horrible for costing his team the game. The rest of the team executed the play so well.

They still would have had to score...

Well with the momentum they had, and the fact that Calgary only needed about 15 yards to be in DeAngleis' range, things were looking pretty beak for the Riders if not for the offsides call.

lol, but you dont know that do you?

sammyj, you could say the same thing about the unsportmanship call on Holmes. Without penality or if the refs would have called the Calgary player for throwing the ball, Sask could of had another first down instead of going for 2 and 14. Which would have lead to another touchdown and the game would have been out of reach.

Sorry what ifs don't cut it.

I thought the referee should have ruled that the player that went offside be treated the same as the play in the Montreal/Winnipeg. The pass to Cahoon was ruled uncatchable, so to the player who went offside the ball should have been ruled untouchable. lol
But I was glad to see Saskatchewan win, they'd been down a long time.

All I'm saying is that mistake by that Calgary player was unnecessary since it was on the other side of the field. Hard to believe he would make that mistake. And it cost them an EXCELLENT CHANCE of winning.

Soo.... Mike is saying that had the referee called that unsportsman like on the Stamps as opposed to us, which they easily could have, we could have had an EXCELLENT CHANCE fo a TD!

Yes but you are missing the point. I am talking about a mistake that a Calgary player made at the end of the game that cost his team big time. What Mike is talking about is a judgement call. The Calgary player made a huge mistake at the end of the game. There are a million "what ifs" during a game and it makes no sense to bring up a "what if" to argue my point. I am talking about this one play and this one play only. Anything that happened before it is irrelevant because it had already happened and couldn't be changed, and this was the situation we were in. With 50 or so seconds left Calgary was down by 2. At this point they had recovered an onside kick. A player who made absolutely no impact on the play because he was on the opposite side of the field went offside and cost his team a chance to win the game.

Now if you have a comment to make, please keep in RELEVANT to THIS PLAY. Not somethnig that happened 2 quarters before this as that doesn't affect THIS PLAY. I wanted to discuss THIS PLAY.

I'm not a Calgary fan by the way, I just find it amazing that a professional player could make such a dumb mistake at such a crucial time.

I would think everyone who has ever watched more than 5 minutes of football would concede that it was an incredibly bone-headed decision that the Calgary player made to jump offside. I imagine he will carry that feeling with him for many months, if not longer.

Yes, the player in question must feel like 5 pounds of doo-doo crammed into a 2 pound bag today. I feel sorry for him really, it may take a long time to live this one down...but, hey, Steve Smith recovered from scoring on his own team in the NHL playoffs many moons ago.......

Sammyj nobody is argueing that the player made a mistake. But to say that had there not been a the penality they had a good chance of winning. Can be applied to any and every situation almost. That is why it is a mistake.

Another example for you, what if Fantuz had held on to that low pass in the end zone or it had hit the ground. The game would have been 20+ to 0 going into half time. But it wasn't, the Calgary player caught the deflection and they ran it back for a TD.

While you want to talk about the what if's only in this situation. Here goes....Burris drops back for a pass to copeland, Eddie Davis intercepts his second pass for the day and runs it back for a touchdown. Game over.

It was a bone head play, why would he be in such a hurry to get down field when he knows the ball is going no where near him. Cost the Stamps a good shot to win.

Funny Mike, Burris was not on the field during the onside kick. I am talking about the onside kick. Not a hard concept to figure out.

Oh, so I see then you are saying that if they hadn't had the penality they would have won the game without playing another down.

Sorry Sammyj, while the off side made it virtually impossible for Calgary to march down the field. I don't think this one play cost them the game. They had another opportunity to do the onside kick and recover it, but unfortunately, Saskatchewan recovered it.

Yes they might have been able to do something if there hadn't been a penality. But as I said, Burris would have dropped back and thrown the interception.

Don't focus on the what ifs.

Like really, who cares?

Mike listen to me. I am NOT syaing Calgary would have won the game if not for the offside. I am saying that at this crucial time of the game, it cost them a chance to win. Now if you look at the situation in the game if that had happened, it would have been a good chance to win. I had no intention of debating whether they would win or not. Who cares? Well I guess you do. I seem to have offended you somehow. I don't care who would have won the game if the player wasn't offside. I don't care if Calgary would have won or not. What I do care about is that a player made a really stupid and unnecessary mistake which cost his team a chance to win. And this would have been a pretty good chance to win.

You are the one focusing on what ifs, not me. I am trying to talk about a stupid mistake by a player. I want to try and figure out how he could possibly make such a terrible, costly mistake.

No I am not trying to say they would have won the game without playing another down. Have you actually read a single thing I wrote? I have said repeadedly that they would have had a very good chance to win, not that they would have won. I don't know what would have happened if there was no penalty. And I really hope YOU STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP saying what may have happened after the onside kick if there was no penalty. Your opinion is that Saskatchewan would have intercepted. That is fair, I respect that as your opinion. I have thought about what I think may have happened. I just know that calgary would have had a good chance to win. They may have, they may not have, I don't care, it is irrelevant to the fact.

You must be some kind of Rider fan. Do you take offense to anyone who has something to say about a game the Riders won? You seem to think I am implying a lot of things that I am really not.

I am trying to discuss a key play in the game. Please don't bring up any other plays in the game or your speculation as to what may have happened after this play anymore.

If you want to comment on this play, then please do so. If you have anything else to say, well then start another topic please.

I understand what you are saying but no, they should not look at it that way. Sure he 50 yards away from the play but when do you say that he could have affected it?
40 yards?

We cant start making the refs decide if the penalty affected the play. Was the player close enough to make a difference. Offside is offside and it should be called

I have to agree with ro. Offsides should be offsides no matter whether it affected the play or not.