Calgary picks up a backup QB

So it looks like the Stamps have swung a deal with their hated enemies, the shmoes, getting Danny McManus for a third-rounder. Doesn't sound like a bad trade to me. Obviously Burris will remain the starter, but now we have a backup with some experience, who can still play (some of the time). And to only give up a 3rd-rounder is OK with me. Other thoughts?

Not a bad move if he get to training camp in shape. I believe this guy still can win games.

methinks calgary wants to win a cup this year. this was a very good move for them.


Me thinks youre right! LOL

Great job Jim.

Third you ready to change Calgary's offseason grade yet. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Doesn't everybody? That aside, I think this is a good move on Cowgary's part. But it kinda makes me wonder why the Esks made it part of the original deal in the first place... :shock:

I don't understand this trade either. Danny Mac aside for one moment, it appears how the Stamps have the better back ups then the Esks. Now, with DM it makes the position much stronger when a second stringer has to come in.

The esks can't handle mac's 250,000 dollar salary if we want to keep all of our other star/veteran players. Jason Johnson is a very capable backup for the Esks. He just needs a bit more playing time(he'll get that now if McManus isn't there) and hopefully we'll see him get a lot of playing time in the preseason. Ray didn't miss any games in the regular season last year (and has missed little in previous years) so I have a feelin we still won't even get to see Johnson. I'm pretty confident that Johnson will become the next Ray/Maas in the league.

the esks won this trade eventho i have high respect for danny but he should have hung up the cleets along time ago

If the esks kept him this year he would have been completely useless, a 3rd string qb with a $ 250,000 salary. The organization already has confidence and its eyes set on Johnson, and the recent signing a few days ago Steven Jyles(i think thats his name). Now McManus can go teach Gesser and Burris how to overthrow receivers and be more productive in the INT department.

He is second in all time yards passing!

Well esk123 if you remember the Stamps had Burris out for a few games last year and the rookies we had won two of three. The rookies did not step up and I am sure this was to insure they have a guy with experience in place. I think with the offense Calgary uses can work for the old guy. What the heck this guys has won several GC's. He is merely an insurance policy. As far as the Esks doing the same this could be a problem if the young guys do not step up. But you never know!

Just ask Big Dave how respected Danny Mac was. You
cant have enough quality people in the dressing room.

Having Danny Mac as a backup gives a lot of confidence to a team. Just to know that someone with his skill can fill in for your starting QB can make the guys on the field relax a little. Takes pressure off. Plus the advice he can give in a dressing room or on the sidelines can bolster a team's performance. Good for Calgary!

Calgary now has the best depth at QB. Yes BC Has Pierce backing up Dickenson, but gosh, interceptions aside, Danny Mac is a very capable back up for Burris. And A good point was made…he can teach the Young QB’s Burris and Geser on how to win.

Considering what Calgary gave up, thats a heckuva deal for Calgary.

I'm a little surprised as well. I would have thought they had visions of using McManus to help coach the young guys and grooming him to join the coaching staff. They are certainly putting a lot of confidence in Jyles, hope they are right.

Johnson was destined to be the #2 this season no matter what and that coupled with Danny Mac's salary made him expendable I guess. They say they have been watching Jyles for three years and are very high on him. Then again, at this point in the season they can say whatever they want and it means very little.


The Stamps so totally won that trade. McManus is about the most knowledgeable player in the league. He will go out there and teach all he knows to Burris so Henry, who is already a good QB, will become the top threat he can be.

On the other side, the Eskimos got themselves nothing because of their tradition to lamentably waste their draft picks on guys who will never play a down in the CFL.

Congrats to the Stamps. I hope Burris has the flu when you play the Esks and Dany Mac comes out to crush them.

It may be hard if DAnny actually does fill in for Burris though. It is not a very similar type of offence, with Burris being able to scramble a lot, and Danny being able to crawl. But still not a bad trade for Calgary, or the Esks.

The Stamps got lucky, finally they managed to pick up a QB..
Move a side Happy feet Burris, a Real arm.. is going to take your place..
The old gunslinger, will have your seasons end..

Is this an april fools day trade???

I hope so...if not.. the Stamps finally got a QB...