calgary or winnipeg?!?!

this one to me is a tough pick....neither team has much momentum, but it is played on calgary me, its a coin toss.

what do u guys think?!

Winnipeg has a good defence but I don't think they will be able to beat Calgary. The Stamps were holding their own with BC last week until the last quarter so I think that they should be able to handle the Bombers without much problem.

Well because Kevin Glenn is playing and not Tee Martin.

hmm im gonna say winnipeg, but only if their Defence shows up. without their defence from a couple of weeks ago i dont think they have this one.

I agree, Winnepeg's has started to turn it around. Their defence and special teams have been playing very well. I am still not that impressed with Kevin Glenn, but I think they can play with the Stamps. Should be close.

Calgary, My man Burris is on a roll, and it will be a high scoring game!!

I'm neither a Stamp fan nor a Bomber fan so my unbiased opinion is that the Stamps will do to the Bombers what they did to the Riders. Stamps are the better team. They will finsih third in the West , IMO.

i agree that the stamps will finish 3rd in the west.

WHO CAN STOP BC?????....stongest teams are: edmonton, who couldnt do it. toronto couldnt do it....can montreal??...maybe if they get better and turn into the montreal we knew..then they might have a chance.

Go Winnipeg!!!

i think montreal is beginning to lose its status as a dominant team. theyve lost to winnipeg. nuff said.

true...but they still dont play BC for along time....if they dont lose till then, id say they got back on track

The key to Winnipeg winning is in their defence. If they show up then the Bombers have a real good chance of taking down the Stamps. And they need to figure out a way to use the new look recieving corps to their advantage.