Calgary ? or Winnipeg ?

after the bombers upseting mtl from lots of ppl the idea was the bombers were no longer the bottom feeder of the west, theyd moved into a tie with calgary and calgary had not looked good in previous games. But then calgary runs over sask and looks amazing, so it makes me wonder with how much they bombers improved are they as good as calgary? or will it be saskatchewan the bombers will be setting theyre sights on to crawl out of last in the west...

Blink1 it is too early in the season to make this type of post. Revisit this at Labor day. But anything can happen.

ofcourse i know its too early to say which team is better but judging on performances so far this year including wpg's upset of mtl and calgarys beating of sask who is better right now? i personally think calgary, theres still plenty of room for the bombers to improve and im not totallly sold on anything with them yet,

I will not be surprised if the Eskimos drop to 4th place by season end or play .500 football this year. Just a hunch. They better get a running game going or things could get shaky. You heard it here.

In their last games against the Bombers they looked like the wheels fell off and.with the Gades they had the field position advantage all game because Ottawa didn't have their kicker. That will handi-cap any team. Who have the mighty Eskimoes beaten so far this year......Winnipeg and Ottawa...that's it, with a loss to Montreal. They're not the powerhouse some have made them out to be. :wink:

how does a post named Calgary or Winnipeg get into a bash the Esks post? In the ottawa game maybe there play had something to do with it.. 22-2 at half i think it was, The Punts were fine, it was the place kicking that was bad, we had good field position because of Tony Tompkins, one of the best returners in the CFL as of this year. You cant fault the Esks because of there scheduale, I wouldnt say the wheel fell apart in the bomber game, you dont give any credit to them, they played a great game, there defence blanketed the Esks receivers and had Ray fooled. But, we still won. Our loss to the Als was one hell of a game, You can't say that was a bad game for the Esks, that was a very solid performance on both sides of the ball for both teams. It was the special teams that won the game, which usually happens when two of the best teams match up. Hey, The Esks could go .500 this year, no one knows, but you cant say that because you see their scheduale as being easy, then make excuses about the gades kicker. We are 4-1, im happy with the start, we're not losing to the teams we should beat and lost by a less than the last second field goal to the Als. I see you points about the run game but those things can be said about any team, BC cant protect there QB for the life of them and are giving up lots of sacks to some of the worst defensive teams, Collier with 5 sacks, given up most in the CFL. Sask can't stop the run after that showing in Calgary, Burris is a hot and cold kinda qb, never know what your going to see, offence usually sputters, the als cant beat the teams their " supposed " to beat . Every team has something along those lines, but does that make BC a .500 team? or the stamps the basement dwellers of the west. Of course not. All im trying to say is every team is flawed in the cfl, the esks are 4-1, not bad wouldnt you say? I don't think its fair to assume they go .500 after the results of a 4-1 season so far.

I'd say BC will drop to .500 faster than the Esks. Edmonton should win the West. Calgary is going to get hotter and hotter. I think WPG win was more of an upset than Calgary's.

no doubt that winnipegs win was a bigger upset! that was awesome :smiley: but calgary was solid all around, isnt it crazy how the bb will play toronto 3 days after the argos had just played a game? a very unfair schedule for toronto but im not gonna complain as hopefully itl help my bombers

Blink 1 Too early yet. AS R&W2005 pointed out, comeback and discuss this on labour day. Key injuries play an important part. Both BC And Edmonton have good depth at QB and receivers, BC is vulnerable on their O-line and Secondary (Dante Marsh) Edmonton needs a RB. While Winnipeg is rebuilding, they showd lots against Montreal. Personally I think the West is way ahead of the East in talent (Yeah I know, standings show it too!) Sask is going throught the injury bug now. How will Injuries effect BC and Edmonton? Time will tell!

It just makes for good arguments for the next little while!

Labour day will definately be the bench mark, after that you can properly assume each teams potential for a playoff spot.

Anyone who say's Wpg beating Mont was an upset and Calgary beating Sask wasn't..

Sorry for the delay but I was laughing my head off. Has anybody else seen Calgary play this year? Don't get me wrong, I loved the outcome, but Winnipeg is the most improved team over the past couple of weeks. The first two games and they looked like a sorry high school team. Now the Bombers are turning heads. A big win this week in T.O and the Bombers could finish on top of the div. Two bigs wins vs BC and anything can happen. Too bad we don't play Edm, until maybe the playoffs.

By the way.. Who still thinks Glenn can't get it done.

You're right, blink1, that does suck for the Argos, but on the upside for the Boatmen, at least it comes after a week off, and unlike last year it's not part of a string of 3 games in 10 days.