Calgary or Saskatchewan?

I think Saskatchewan will win the first game of the pre-season.

…and I think not…

The Riders will show that they kept the right QB. I have no idea way the Rider fans are so upset with Burris leaving, they were better in 03 than last year.

I have two predictions concerning that game:

  1. I think that the preseason game’s winner will lose the first regular season encounter. Both these team won’t want to lose two in a row against the other, so the first to lose will shoot its players with dijon mustard before the second match-up.

  2. I believe that the team heading for a loss in the preseason game will pull out its starting QB early and just pretend it wanted to see more of its back-up. Then, it’ll be easy to say “we lost because our starter only played this much”.

I hear Henry had his first pass picked off and was run back for a TD. at the Cal. opening day t.c. lol. … COULD this be a sign of things to come…I’ll still give the first game between these two… to Cal. based on their much improved defense. :roll:

I don’t know how are judged training camps performances. Apparently, Montreal’s first draft pick Mathieu Proulx picked up an interception everyday ever since the rookie camp, but the papers this morning said he’s not really in the race for the free safety spot. Kharikari would be in the position battle lead ahead of Patrick Dorvelus.

…Higgins is going to treat it like a preseason game…he said yesterday that he will bring four dressed QBs to the game and predications are one QB per quarter will play…Shivers had some public and disparaging remarks about Burris yesterday (geez, all you rider fans say you are over it, how come your GM ain’t?) so I wouldn’t doubt the Rider starting D will be present, accounted for and looking for blood…

Ha ha ha they will be too tired watching that ball go over their heads for TD’s.

Exhibitions mean nothing. Red & White noted that Higgins is dressing 4 QB’s. That will lull Saskatchewan to sleep. Riders will win the exhibition, they’ll have a party down Mainstreet, but come time for the Regular season game…Calgary all the way…When it really counts.(And matters)

2005, It doesn’t matter if Burris throws 4TD passes, because that will only mean he’s gonna throw 5 interceptions. So you better start mentally preparing yourself. Because he can turn a good game ugly really quick.

Yes Chris I see you Sask fans sewem to know Burris more then any body. But if you recall Burris’s last game he had a completion rate of 75 Percent. Also us Calgary Fans no his potential from playing here in the first place. So please do not patronize us Stamps fans it just makes you look hollow.

…ok…correct me if I am wrong because I could be relying here on bad info from the radio…but did Ol’ Roy today actually say he hoped Burris ‘broke his neck’ in the game?!..what the kind of #$%@ is that?!..
a) …hey roy? what if henry by some fluke did hurt himself?..makes you look pretty stupid eh!?..
b) …are you baiting a rookie on the bubble?..
c) …are you a complete loony?
d) …do you not think Crysdale and his crew are going to take this, oh I dunno, professionally insulting?..

…I always thought Ol’ Roy was out there and I don’t see how this wonderful PR lesson in banjo pickin taught me to think any differently…hee haw Regina, you got him you keep him y’hear…

Hey R & W … I can’t find any info’ here in Regina on what Roy was supposed to have said. I f what you reported is correct, I agree with you. Some people around here like the outrageous statements Roy makes - they say he is a straight shooter who speaks his mind. He often tears into Rider players. I personally don’t like what he says, and wish he would keep his trap shut. However, I think he is great at finding football talent, and I am glad we have him for that.

Anyway, please don’t judge all Rider fans by what Roy says.

Riders will sweep the season with Calgary. Honestly I just think we are too strong for them. Calgary will not mesh untill it is way too late.

and as for the preseason game. I really don’t care who wins. It rarely means much.
oh and shivers has mental lapses. it occurs when he is off his meds, we all have them, it just seems that roy has it when he is in front of a mic.

…soupman…did you get hit in the head with the butt end of a chainsaw one night after drinking way too much in the forest with your fellow treeplanter Sean from NFLD?!..sweep the series…seriously, you’re really really stoned right now aren’t you?!..sweep the series (sigh) …soupman, soupman, soupman…you are losing your edge, separation from civilization will do that to a person…you’re like the Colonel Walter E. Kurtz of the Forum…

Redn’white, don’t ferget Roy got all his PR learnin out thar in Cowtown. Y’all done a good job.

Much abliged.

…and then you become part of your surroundings…

haha. You just wait my friend. And do not blame anything I say on my medicine. I take full responsibility for them.

Billy is drinking tree sap again. Hicup

WOW --> isn’t this a ridiculous and waste of time post. Do you guys actually think that it really matters who wins this pre-season game?? I read in the paper today (Wednesday, June 1st, 2005) that Roy will be sending every possible player he can to Calgary. He wants to get everyone in the game, this obviously means that sometime during that game, 3rd and 4th stringers for the Riders will be out there hoping to make final cuts.

I should assume that Calgary will do the same thing, the real season starts during 3rd week of june.