Calgary must be the dirtiest team in the CFL

Why do the officials tolerate their head shots and late hits?

I saw Lysack throw himself in guy's knees on 3 occasions in the first half. All 3 times he was late to the pile. Real coward IMO.

Yes they are. How does Browner get away with a handful of jersey on every play?

Even the interception in the end zone, the had the ticat receiver pushed pretty close to out of bounds with a straight arm and clutch. A little shove, and bingo easy interception. The sad part was that the official was right there on top of the play!!

I have no idea, but Brandon Browner is the single most overrated sack of crap masquerading as a DB in this league. All he does is grab jerseys and hold on for dear life. Mysteriously, he rarely gets called for illegal contact or PI which happens virtually every time he’s in press coverage against a receiver.

I was furious at the headshot that one of the Stamps delivered to QP's cage. QP still got the ball away for a completion but just about lost his head. call but the entire country saw the cheap shot. Brutal.

I could have been wrong, but did that browner guy not grab and jerk curry around for that interception? I saw pushing yes, but I also saw grabbing and tugging!?

I think the Alouettes are the diriest team in the league by far.

Especially their linebackers and DB's!

Yes, you are correct. Browner, incredibly, was allowed to register that INT despite grabbing Currie's jersey and pushing off him to get position on Porter's (badly thrown) ball. I was slack-jawed with astonishment when the referees allowed that INT to stand.

Browner must have pictures of CFL officials in compromising positions with farm animals, because otherwise, I simply can't explain how he gets away with this crap play after play.

Calgary got away with so much last night.

  1. Pass interference on Airese Currie in the endzone that resulted in an interception
  2. a head shot to Porter that was unbelievably missed
  3. Airese Currie had possesion of that ball when he was down by contact and lost it rolling over. Everyone thought so, even the commentators, everybody except good ol' Jake Ireland that is.
  4. countless other missed pass interference calls

I'll give you the rest of your points, but this call was right.
The ball came loose as soon as Currie hit the ground, and was just kind of "resting" against his body but not under control as he was rolling over. And he never regained control.