Calgary @ Montreal

:lol: Yeah. I said it earlier, I know guys shouldn't lose their spots because of injury, but I think the Als need to make an exception here. Unless Cato completely falls apart and throws four picks in the second half, he's a much better QB than Crompton can ever hope to be.

I felt they would make a game of it. This score at the half is a huge upset. Earlier in the week there wasn't a betting line on this game.

Yep. Crompton's never had a half of football like that ever in this league.

Maybe #3, or 4, or ....

Thing is, we don't owe Crompton anything. He came in last year after the regular season started because we had injuries and our starting three QBs were tanking. He did just enough to win in a streak marked primarily by elite defense but he never put the team on his back and took control of the position. He was just the least awful QB on our roster. This year, we've got much better talent at QB so his leash is going to be shorter. For Higgins and Schonert to keep their jobs, they have to go with the hot hand, and right now, that's Cato. Thank goodness.

Cato has (thankfully) looked good.
I just wonder how he'll endure when he's hit hard.
6'0" and 185 lbs.?
The way QBs have been going down the past two seasons... :o

I'm worried about that too, but the upside is he's got a quick release and he already looks like he's good at sensing when the pressure is coming and getting rid of the ball. An incompletion is always better than a fumble, sack, or injury.

Calgary misses Juwan Simpson big time.

Montreal's offensive line has made Charleston Hughes disappear.

In watching that last drive, whom else might you think Calgary's defence might be missing?

Wow who saw this coming? Anyone at all even in the Montreal forum?

Man the kid is cool as a cucumber.
Stamps should be lucky they are not 0-2.

Make that GREAT offensive line; opening up the holes for Sutton, and neutering Charleston Hughes.

Cato throws a TD and Montreal is starting to run away with it.

Though I must say, I’m not that heartbroken about Stamps being traded. Has he caught a pass tonight? I know he was thrown to a couple times. He just doesn’t seem to be the same dynamic player that he used to be.

No Als fan saw this coming but we have all been excited about Cato, as I said to Chief earlier. Scary part is it took Crompton going down and LeFevour being out for the season, ALONG with Tanner Marsh spraining his knee in camp, just to give Cato this chance which he is clearly making the most of. :lol:

I know it’s still early on, but this year the East could be the beast.
When was the last time this was true?

Did Montreal go for two again? :expressionless:

Hit the post on a convert attempt

Well it's nice to see someone come out of depth like Cato once in awhile instead of so many unknowns ending up at QB by attrition and pooping the bed beyond belief beyond the sheets.

And tonight for once this season we see someone new step up instead of any given starter go down.

I picked Calgary, but now part of me is cheering for Montreal tonight.

Thanks. I missed the play.

Huff needs to get control of his guys. How do you get bench penalties in back-to-back weeks?

I think everyone, Stamps fans excluded, are cheering for Cato and the Als.

Well, I think FRED Stamps fans are behind him/them. LOL