Calgary @ Montreal

Well, let’s see if Cato is worth the hype.

Pretty good drive by Cato. Few safe plays but the throw the Lewis was good. And just like that, 7-0 Montreal.

Wow, this kid is a rookie?
Nice throws, on the money.

We Als fans have been excited about this kid for weeks. The hilarious / sad thing is that but for injuries, he'd be buried on the depth chart behind guys like Jonathan "What's a checkdown?" Crompton.

Montreal D is playing well. This is the second time Calgary is being challenged. Grey Cup hangover?

Wow. Logan's gamble pays off. I got a little nervous. :lol: Also, Calgary's o-line is playing like Edmonton's.

Yeah, held by breath for a second or two

uh oh, its beginning to look like someone turned on the air conditioner in hell.

10-0. Man, I could very well start the season 1-5. :lol:

So far did the two teams change uniforms.

something tells me that the stampeders were as sure of themselves as most of the rest of us. OC is a bitch

Cato's starting to throw more difficult passes. I know they say a starter shouldn't lose his spot because of an injury, but if Cato can keep this going all game, I'm sorry, but Crompton needs to be benched. Make him #2.

I hope that catch stands because it was pretty damn awesome!

He was pushed. It was a slight push, but I'd still call it a push.

Either allow the catch or call PI.

You need a freight train to knock down Lewis. :lol: 17-0. I don't think anyone saw this.

Edit: Make it 16-0. I would've just kicked the PAT. No point going for 2.

Thing is, we Als fans have KNOWN for weeks that our best option at QB wasn't the guy anointed the no. 1 this year (Crompton). So Crompton getting injured is probably the best thing that could have happened to our offense.

Cato has looked better. But be honest, did you think the Als would be going into halftime with a 16-0 lead? This game has been a surprise.

If I were a CFL coach, the only time that I WOULDN'T go for 2 would be late in the game and I needed 1 point to take the lead or to get a 4 pt lead.

A 32 yard kick is made approx 90% of the time. You only need to score a 2 pt 45% of the time to make it pay off. If you can't score from 3 yards 45% of the time with an endzone 65x20 yards, quit football.

No, I did not (in fact, I was just saying that in the Als forum!). But we all had a good feeling that he'd impress. He absolutely killed it in preseason, going 6/6 in his first game with crisp completions all over the field, good touch on the ball, and showing the ability to check down. With our receiving corps of veterans, I was pretty certain he'd perform better than Crompton, though that's not hard, lol.