Calgary @ Montreal.

Huh, no game thread. Oh well, here we go!

Commentators were just saying that AC has the worst passer rating in the league, and that 58% of Montreal's posessions are two and out.

Guess we'll find out tonight if Winnipeg is that good, or if Montreal is that bad.

Well, TD Montreal. My wife is happy about that.

...I realize it's still early in the season, but I have a bad feeling my team blows and sucks at the same time :frowning:

The Calgary ShopVacs?

Might be premature, TD Nik Lewis.

That TD was aided by a horrible call on Tisdale... every week there seems to be at least 1 absolutely brutal call to swing things

I think the Als are setting something up, with that play where Whittaker takes the snap on 3rd and short... it's coming...

that was a sweet catch by Sinopoli.

…maybe I meant bucks and slows…I can’t be sure

Yeah, he seems to be doing alright in the receiver role.

Defenses are doing well this game, that lead might hold up for Calgary.

Don't look now... The Calgary ShopVacs are on blow cycle...

Three straight plays with the blitz ....block punt pays off TD Als; Skookum. Montreal creeps closer...19-14 Calgary late

Interesting low scoring game ....22-14 Calgary final----

And this time the blitz works, ends the game on downs. Calgary wins.

That was just an ugly game to watch on both sides.

Wow, the Als look horrible this year.... Looks like the Bummers got lucky stats wise playing the hapless Montreal Alouttes back to back to start the season

The East is wide open.. no more dominant teams here

Yes, the Als are not the team they used to be, they are very much out of sync on offence. Changes a lot of things in the east.

Als did not look great, but Calgary's D also gave them little.
Both Ds looked very good overall.

Als O did not look great. In fact, other than the TD in the first quarter, that is about all they did.
It was the play of their D and ST that kept the game close.

Um, I said.

The Stamps secondary was all over anyone deep though...Historically AC is a demon going deep. That was a combination of not knowing how to call a CFL offensive game-plan and good D.