Wasnt a bad game pretty good for not meaning anything to either teams. Probably meant more for Montreal looks like they forund their qb for the remainder of the year. Too bad for Maas the guy just cant get it together. Some dropped balls etc. but I was entertained.

Second best game of the week, with yesterdays OT thriller in Edmonton.

I forgot to add something the no going for a 2 point convert could have given us overtime. Bad move Higgins he probably forgot.

Are the Stamps really GC contenders ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who was the Head Ref in that game? For some reason, his face and voice didn't ring a bell (and I missed when Suitor and Cuthbert would have identified him at the game's start)

Great offence, Bad defence.

Now, they say defence wins championships, so... :wink:

At least this will take some of the “edge” off the controversial holding call the day before…

It was a good game. Entertaining.
Hard to judge the two teams playing in a nothing game though.
Brady looked pretty good.
But the guy always shows just enough flash to get another chance…
Hank was decent as well, but Frank was definately skulking around during that game.

Surprise a win!!!

The referee was Kim Murphy in Calgary Saturday night

Enjoyed it also even though it didn't matter on the score sheet. I guess Brady will be the starter as long as AC is out.

His crew was dam good. I here that the Riders favorite ref will be doing the western final just a rumor but a good one.

I watched the first half, and a bit of the third quarter so far. I really saw nothing wrong with Mass's play. Yes, Brady played better, but Mass seemed to do just fine...especially considering that he hasn't played since he left Hamilton.

I thought it was classy of Brady to dedicate the win to Calvillo.

The game did not mean a thing.

No RW2005, The Riders favourite Ref is scheduled for the West Semi final in Regina. The newspaper printed all the assignments in this mornings paper! :wink:

No...but this has been the case most of the year. I was not just talking about the last game. Besides, for a game that meant nothing, the offense sure looked like it wanted to win it.