Calgary/Montreal Game

What a Great of the best I've seen in a Long Time! :thup: :thup:

Wide-open with lots of Razzell-Dazzell! 8)

I'm afraid I have to admit....we could be looking tonight at the Grey-Cup Warriors :o

unless the Bombers find a way to beat the Al’s in the East Final, but yeah, I see Calgary making it too the GC.

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Why merge a topic about a game with a topic about a jersey?


I did talk about the celebations as well, but if that's what you want to do...

back to the game, why in the wrold is green going in for Montreal?

You would think by now that The Don would realise that if you’re in a “must pass” situation, you don’t put Nealon in. :?

Great Game? Not if you are an Al's fan. The celebrations got to go, XFL anyone. Right in front of an official and he just looks. Toss a flag, please. I hate self promotion, it takes away from the TEAM.

Great touchdown celebration is when a guy scores pats his team and hands the ball to an official.

The trick plays were great i can't beleive the Al's were not disciplined enough to recognize them.

Wake up. You're dreaming. The Bombers don't play at the level of Montreal or Calgary.

Thank you Stamps and I loved the 5 man bobsled, too funny.

Right On! And I really agree with you on the celebrations...that's just plain silly!

Frist: I loved the celebations meself, keep them!

now, EE, with Glenn and Stegail, we are on par with Calgary.

My wife and I were on the floor :lol: :lol: :lol:

that was great :thup:

Sandro stated before the game why not have fun and entertain the fans when asked about his dancing. Yes to a degree it is a rub it in your face thing to do! But you have to say when they score you wonder what is next. The bobsled was a good one! :lol:

How are those celebrations selfish? The entire receiving corps is in there having fun.

Loved the bobsled as well. Can't wait to see what they think of next.

Its selfish because his or her team is on the losing end! Jealousy maybe because their team has nothing to cheer about! I have to drop the Almighty part off of the Als now they are just ordinary now! The Bombers now have a chance to catch them! :lol: How is that Dad!

Congrats Calgary! Liked the celebration. Seemed harmless enough and it was original. What is happening in Don's Country? Didn't looked much like he appreciated all the trick plays. They were great.

didn't like the Post dance though, that was a little much.

This was Craig Dickenson’s game he did great prep work for this game. They came in a day early had to work out in their street clothes and still were ready to jump on the Als. Put it this way Don will not have his team fooled again!