Calgary @ Montreal game day

Wow 7-7 already! Amazing. It could be a high scoring game!

GO ALS!!! :smiley:

I second that.

Three possessions, three touchdowns. Most will like this, I don't. . . I like watching good defence, and there's been precious little of that from either team so far.

Go Stamps :smiley:

Wooo, tie game!

John Cornish looks like Tito Ortiz g

Wow, fake punt direct snap 72 yard TD run!!

Even Toronto can't do it that good!

maybe, but thank goodness he is not a complete d-bag like Ortiz

This is going to have a good finish.

Nice TD on 3rd down!!

WOW, watch every last second!! Did not think that was going to happen!

Yup Montreal TD....need the ball back and a fieldgoal to win / 29-27 Calgary in the lead

Now make that a touchdown

this could be quite the finish!

3rd down!!! they need a first down

Thanks Montreal... We now have a real log jam at the top of the league now!

Sigh...Great finish and good D coverage by Calgary === 32-27 Stampeder Final

Five teams at 10-7… wow

Tate looks good, Al's looked flat.

Three horse, race in the West.