CALGARY @ MONTREAL game 1 of week 3

For those not in Canada, behold the actual TSN feed!

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I have had lots of respect for both DD and Huffnagal, but I am losing some today each time Glenn steps back onto the field

I don't know...Als rushing game is 6 yards...second half picks up...or will it?; 13-8 Montreal leads

Love the reaction from #94. He had to know that was gonna be called.

That drive by Calgary was absolutely awesome even though not flawless!

That was also excellent play-calling by the OC, and Bo Levi Mitchell is impressive early. With a name like that he's probably from Hazzard County, GA and lineal descendant of one of the main characters of the "Dukes of Hazzard" and we'll probably get a "YEE-HAW" by the end of this game. I hope that John "Shoe" Lu interviews him.

Glenn is on fire now too. Montreal's defence still sucks so bad.

Hope the folks at home are watchin' this one. Way to go boys.

Time to pull Calvillo

I had to pick Montreal... :?

MadJack, if you are out there, I sure hope you are in the ear really loudly of your Al's for sake of their defence! DISGRACEFUL AND AWFUL!

I picked Montreal, then when I heard about Calvillo injured and chose to abstain, and then he is back so picked them. :x

Calvillo maybe playing cause he's worried about a Burris situation happening to him?

Glenn's slowly picking up his game. AC's not. Might be time to bring in McPherson.

18-13 on the Stamps FG;...even though the helmet came off of the receiver on the hit by the Als D; I say the ball was/is still in play, thus caught by the Stamps receiver and then the play is ruled dead? Can not advance the ball...ect

Reynolds?? :lol:

I've never seen Tresman pace so much and look so grumpy. Before the game gets out of hand put in McPherson.

After that hit on Calvillo by Mayo, it’s time to trade any hope for certainty and pull him out so he can recover for the next game.

It would be good to groom McPherson right now too.

If Tresmen leaves him in, he is asking for further injury

Calgary is in control. Montreal's only chance is to throw in McPherson. AC isn't a mobile QB when he's healthy, and he's even less mobile now. Calgary is just sending everyone at him, why not, he can't get out of the way.

Chip Cox and Shea Emry make some plays, but man they take a look of stupid unnecessary penalties and chirp all the time.

You can tell that guy doesn't review many challenges. He barely spit that out. :lol:

TSN needs better zooming ability. They seem to use it multiply times each game.