CALGARY @ MONTREAL game 1 of week 3

CALGARY @ MONTREAL should be a very interesting game , tonight at 7 : 30 Est.

Montreal are at home and they will be certainly seeking revenge for their last game blow out game Vs. Calgary.

A.C. , says that he will start for the ALS but is he 100% ?

Can GLENN , prove himself to be a starter once again , in place of an injured , TATE?

I am really cheering for the fans in MONTREAL to sell out this game. :thup:

GOOD LUCK every one. :rockin:

I don't care if the Als lose so much. What I don't want to see is them getting beaten physicaly in the nest. That would not be good.

I think that Montreal are favoured to win. I hope that A.C. doesn't get more hurt.

If Calvillo starts but is ineffective, then this game gets interesting...

If Jon Cornish has a good game Calgary wins.

I am confident that the Als will win tonight. :cowboy:

Anyone watching the pre-game? The Argo Admirals tweeting, "We'll be looking down at you in the standings until then," was brilliant! :lol:

I chuckled, but it reminded me of a similiar statement an Argo fan said to me last year. The Argos were 1-1 and the Cats were 0-2 and they said to me when I said the Argos suck (because they do), "Look at the standings." Well, the Argos didn't stay ahead of the Cats for long. And the Cats will be ahead of the Argos at around 10 p.m. Saturday night.

This game is all D-line.

It's official , our safety Fraser SUCKS!! this guy looks weak in every game so far.

And on another negative note, Glenn should get the hook soon!

Glenn is looking like he is still playing in Hamilton. Al's want this game more.

Cornish looks like he's sulking out there. Brutal so far

Is it just me or is there more penalties this year.

No rushing game [16 yds] so far....however 7-16 [63 yds] in passing stats for Glenn, it's not all on K. Glenn I say..ect

Penalties sucking the life out of this game.

Game isn't as bad as the Sasky vs Edmonton, but close.

I see Calgary has given up, nice play calling :thdn:

Be pretty hard to top that POS. :lol:

Calvillo needs to come out, he's scared to take a hit right now. Both defenses have made some plays, but both QB's have been pretty off the mark also. Not an overly entertaining game, but there's still potential.

Cornish looks like he's pouting on the sidelines, is he banged up?