Calgary loses... to HAMILTON!

:lol: ;)

Glad to see Hamilton with their first win on the season tonight... Congrats to them. I knew I should've picked them!

Game #2 now! :smiley: Go LIONS!!! :thup: Should be a good one.

i Hate revenge.

2 games 2 game winning field goal with 0:00 on the clock

Pretty pathetic they couldnt beat the winless cats.

You guys won by a field-goal to start off the series; Hamilton wins by a field-goal tonight. :lol:

WOW. Talk about a reversal in fortunes. stumps win 2 weeks ago on a last second field goal, and today the tabbies win on a last second field goal. Must to be the only team that the toothless tabbies can beat. :lol: :lol:

Must say, it was nice to see Nik "Loudmouth" Lewis have to shut his mouth, again, after fumbling away a punt that landed directly in his hands. And what's up with Cam Yeow's cheap shot on Maas? He dived helmet first, and speared Maas in the shoulder. They teach in junior football, you don't lead with your helmet. It is dangerous for both players.

Anyways, nice to see the tabbies get off the schneid; and not just because it makes me 1 for 1 in my picks so far this week. :smiley: Too bad it couldn't happen before Marshall was fired.

…haha, you’re pathetic, for not giving a CFL team their dues…on the other hand good win for the cats…the monkey is off their back…

Nice TD from Joseph-to-Armstead... dang it! I'm just glad it wasn't the Bombers who gave the Cats their first win of the season. :lol:

Pathetic for not giving a winless CFL team credit? Um ok.

Hamilton played a good game and actually should have won by more. But Calgary was supposedly the best team in the west heading into the game against the WORST this should have been a cakewalk for them. They arent the top dogs in the West after all.

The Tiger Cats have the team to beat anyone in the league. They just haven't got on the same page yet. It's going to take atleast half a season to get fully acquainted with each other. Congrats to Jason Maas on his first win as a Tiger Cat and to Terry Vaughn, becoming the All Time Receptions Leader.

Of all the teams in the league the Tiger Cats is the team I would not mind the Stamps to losing too! Congradulation T Cats!

Ha ha Redandwhite it had to be either Pokey or Yogi tha twould make a comment like that so really no suprise from him!

Watch it be their only win this year, how ya gonna feel them rw2005? :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem I really am happy they got into the win column! It seems to be bothering other fans more then it does Stamp fans. To me it is not a big deal. It was a matter of time for them to win a game and I thin this might be a confidence builder for thme and just maybe they can win a few more. :stuck_out_tongue:

For a low-scoring game it was pretty entertaining.

So what happened to Clark, anyways? Is he okay?

I missed the game I was on a search and rescue exercise today and missed the game. I guess Abdulah was injured as well. I heard Clarks was cramping!

Update on Injuries:

Yeow, a first-year Stampeders linebacker acquired from Ottawa in the off-season dispersal draft (first round, fourth overall), appeared to injure his neck tackling Hamilton quarterback Jason Maas near Calgary's goal-line in the third quarter.

Yeow, a 27-year-old native of Surrey, B.C., sat up while being attended by Calgary's medical staff before being moved to the ambulance.

Linebacker Brian Clark also injured his right hamstring just five plays earlier, while defensive end Rahim Abdullah suffered an ankle injury and did not finish the game.

Receiver Ken-Yon Rambo sustained an ankle injury but remained in the game.

Congrats to the Cats, and to Terry Vaughn for getting the record. Calgary looks like a Jekyll and Hyde team, 53 against Sask but then coudnt get things going against the Tabbies.

...congrats Hamilton on the first win..sure was a 'muggy '...heavy could have gone either way....but the Ti=Cats wanted it more...Maas could have improved the score..if he hadn't coughed up the ball near the end-zone..WHAT'S with all the qbs. giving the ball up when trying to take it in for 6....and D.D. last night ....throwing away 2...hmmmmm..i guess its still early in the season...and the brain cramps are still prominent.. :roll:


About time…nice job Tiger Cats.

Congrats to the Cats. Nice game.