calgary is toast not worthy of western finals

remember all the hype leading into this season, everyone in the media was saying this is the year of the stampeders?...if the stamps lose again today, it looks like they have no shot at getting past the western final at BC.Place.

considering the riders beat the lions 3 of BC's 4 loses, lets hope for entertainment sake, the riders beat the stamps in the first round of the playoffs...atleast then well have a competitive western finals, cuz the stamps are not even a slight threat to the Lions.

option 1: stamps beat riders in first playoff round then get destroyed in the west final in a game that isnt worth watching cuz we all know the outcome.

option 2: riders top stamps and BC plays the only team that they couldnt figure out in the reg season, making it an interesting matchup and worth watching.

So far in the BC game the Stamps look as bad as last week. Brutal.

imagine this is the west final right now...i wouldnt want to watch this....and im sure most would turn it off by the the CFL embarrassing ratings for a west final playoff game.

the stamps have no heart and expect everything to be handed to them..they believed all the hype surrounding the team at the start of the season and expected teams to lay down for them.

Yes cause crazy things never happen in the CFL...

which team do you usually cheer for again??

i dont have a fav team..i just like a good game....something a calgary vs BC matchup has not been all season.

how do you not have a fav team. Even if its just yr to yr, as it is with me and the NFLNHL

NFL fans always follow different teams year to year....the team thats winning.

thats why, when the pats are winning, everyone buys a pats jersey...when pittsburgh is winning, everyone buys steelers gear...or seattle or philly or indianapolis...

NFL fans are the ultimate ban wagon riders and make me sick.

u dont see me pretending to be a lions fan this year, or eskimo fan lst a CFL fan

i watch every game of every team, its hard to say who i like best, cuz im familiar with them all. i like all the cities and most players.

there are some teams I never cheer for, like NFL pittsburg. I usually follow players I like. For instance, every team Flutie played for, or Raiders for Fernandez and Bo, or Detroit when they had Barry, etc. Every yr, at the beginning, before I know how well each team will do, I will rate the team based on fav personell, team style, how much I enjoyed them last yr, etc. Nothing to do with band wagon. Its always more fun to have someone to cheer for. IMO

the way the stamps are playing RIGHT NOW, going into the half, im starting to feel alot better about a calgary vs BC western final...


( fingers crossed for a competitive second half )

you would think anyone familiar with the CFL would know not to make such comments during the first quarter of a game. Last half of the 4th quarter...maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone at the game please muffle the annoying fan with the drum.

during the first QTR???....ummm the way the stamps were playing so flat against the lions was the 5th straight i think the comments were fair.

last weeks game means nothing today. We all know that there is often night and day difference between 1st and 4th quarter. Veteran CFL fans know better than to draw assumptions on a game in the 1st quarter. We also know that for game to game, they can also be night and day. :cowboy:

ok, veteran :roll:

thank ya rube :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the Stamps are quite worthy of staging the semis and if Wally Buono’s team is true to form, the Stamps may well be playing in Winnipeg on Nov. 19.

The cup stays in Alberta.

Hey "CFL fan with no fav team"(Edmonton Eskimos fan) The games long over and the stamps won are you happy now? accept the fact that the Esks are not in it this year and the stamps are and move on. :lol:

YUP YUP YUP. :smiley:

Wow looks like this guy was proven wrong.