Calgary : In Review

Okay, so we all know the Riders came away with a loss.

Kerry Joseph was clearly not 100% and when you have a quarterback that is not 100% with capable backups you need to sit him down. I would rather see him take a week or two off now, rather than be beat up late in the season or even worse, the playoffs. He is constantly overthrowing his recievers, which should be fixed given time.

Kenton Keith looked as if he is returning to form. Honestly, if anyone around him would have come out to play he would have done some major damage. The Riders need him and Dorsey to start really producing or else they'll look as one sided as the Eskimos do.

Defensively, I think we played a solid game with the exeption of a few drives. The Riders seemed to let Calgary's recievers get EVERYTHING underneath, which ends up giving Calgary a lot of first downs. But on a whole, it's a lot better than it was at the start of the season.

Now here's the part where someone might disagree with me. But Luki Congi, played a great game. For the first time he was punting the ball like a starter in this league should. The first half wasn't great, but I think he found the sweet spot in the second half. There is noone that can complain about his kicking and punting against Calgary. I think by the end of the season he'll be a great player.

Congi only gets distance when he punts the ball straight up the field. When he has to find the corners, he is junk.